Shiva Mantra to Make Body Pure and Healthy

In this this post, I have written about a Prayer like Shiva Mantra to make the body and mind pure and healthy.  This is simple and easy to chant Shiva Mantra for everyone, including and advanced Yogi or a Lay-person.

The meaning of this Shiva Mantra is evident from the wordings of the Mantra, which seeks the blessings of Lord Shiv and prays to him to make the body Pavitra, meaning pure and free from any modifications, like mental and physical diseases and ailments.

When impurities are removed from the mind and body, the worshiper comes back to his natural state of existence as intended by Shiva and becomes free from Moha- Maya and attains Moksha.

Shiva Mantra Chant to Make Body Pure and Healthy and Free from Diseases

ॐ शिव ॐ शिव ॐ शिव | 
पूर्ण शरीर श्रद्धा सुमन होय | 
जग में शक्ति शिव की होय | 
नर-नारी जपे शिव को शरीर पवित्र होय |
जय जय शिव धाम |
इति सिध्दं ||

Om Shiv Om Shiv Om Shiv |
Purna Sharir Shraddha Suman Hoya |
Jag Mem Shakti Shiv Ki Hoya |
Nar-Nari Jape Shiv Ko Sharir Pavitra Hoya |
Jai Jai ShIv Dham |
Iti Siddham ||

For those people who are very particular about fixed rules and regulation for Mantra Chanting, I have say that this Mantra can be chanted anytime during the day or night, like a prayer.

The Mantra does not need any kind of Siddhi Sadhana and if it is chanted with feeling and true love for Shiva, then it is sure to reach its destination.

This Mantra is also useful is removing laziness and lethargy feelings and tiredness and fatigue, especially after travel or hard work.

Success is these Prarthanas largely depends upon the Iccha Shakti of the worshiper. Many a times people write to  me “ I did not get success” and so on. I wish to ask these people, was your wish practical or did you really believe that your wish could be fulfilled by the deity whom you were attempting to invoke.

Sometimes, simple prayers, like the one given in this post are more effective and beneficial that lengthy and complicated Mantra Sadhanas or Prayogas.

Note- You can see more healing remedies dedicated to Lord Shiva in the section on – Shiva Mantras


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