Vishnu Healing Diseases By Water Mantra

In this post, I have written about a Siddh Mantra for healing diseases and ailments by infusing water with the Healing Mantra and then giving that Mantra Infused Healing Water to the patient to drink.

The Mantra, which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu does not need to be Siddh, you can use the Mantra simply by memorizing it and then chanting it as a when it is needed to heal someone.

The easy procedure of performing this Healing Mantra Experiment is as follows: Take a little quantity  of pure and clean drinking water in a Copper Katora and Abhimantrit it by holding the Katora in the right hand and chanting the Healing Mantra given below 7 times.

अलील की माया |
जिससे निकला जगत पराया |
पानी की माया विष्णु की छाया |
जिसमें बैठे संतों की माया |
धरे धीर खुल गई तक़दीर |
पुण्य में हो गई काया |
अलील पुत्र विष्णु की माया |
जो सिध्द पढ़े अलील को |
अमर हो गई काया |
जय जय विष्णु की काया |
इति सिध्दं |

Aalil Ki Maya |
Jisase Nikala Jagat Paraaya |
Pani Ki Maya Vishnu Ki Chhaya |
Jisamem Baithe Santon Ki Maya |
Dhare Dheer Khul Gaee Takadeer |
Punya Mem Ho Gaee Kaya |
Aalil Putra Vishnu Ki Maya |
Jo Siddha Padhe Aalil Ko |
Amar Ho Gaee Kaya |
Jai Jai Vishnu Ki Kaya |
Iti Siddham |

Then, give this Mantra Abhimintrit Water to the patient to drink, this will give him relief and ultimately cure his ailment or disease.

The video of this Healing Mantra can be seen here -

Note- Information about this healing by water remedy is given in good faith and this site is not in a position to make any claims of sure shot success in curing diseases by using this Mantra Remedy.


  1. Sir... Can the patient do this entire ritual himself and then drink?

    1. Yes, the patient can attempt the Mantra Sadhana on himself.


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