Shri Ganesh Griha Pravesh Mantra

In this post, I have written about an auspicious Shri Ganesh Mantra for Griha Pravesh or house warming, house inauguration or first time entry into a new home. Most devote Hindus perform a Griha Pravesh Puja, which a special religious ritual, involving Havan, Mantra or Stotra Chanting and other rituals, which mostly depend upon the traditional customs prevalent in that region or community.

As Ganesha is the Lord of all new beginnings, including Griha Pravesh, it is considered to be most auspicious to worship Shri Ganesha, before entering your new home.

This Ganesh Mantra has to be chanted 108 times, while performing a Havan before a Shri Ganesh Darbar, in your new home.

श्री गणेशजी का लगा दरबार |
सतियों ने किया श्रृंगार |
नर नारी बन क्रीडाहार |
किया गृह में प्रवेष द्वार |
लगा दिया गणेशजी का दरबार |
ज्ञान ने लिया अपना हक़ वार |
गणेशजी का लगा दरबार |
जय जय गणेशजी की |

Shri Ganeshji Ka Laga Darbar |
Satiyon Ne Kiya Shrungar |
Nar Nari Ban Kridahaar |
Kiya Gruha Mem Pravesh Dwar |
Laga Diya Ganeshji Ka Darbar |
Gyan Ne Liya Aapna Hak Vaar |
Ganeshji Ka Laga Darbar |
Jai Jai Ganeshji Ki |

This is a simple but most effective and beneficial Griha Pravesh Mantra Sadhana, which does not involve costly, lengthy and time consuming religious rituals.

Those, people who are well versed with the procedure of performing a Havan, while chanting a Mantra, can perform this Griha Pravesh Puja themselves, other have to get the services of a Pundit or Priest.


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