Upay to Get Honor and Recognition

In this post, I have described a simple Simple Tantric Upay for getting Recognition, Respect and Honor from the society, the government or any other official body, which has the power to take decisions and honor people with prestigious citations and awards.

This is a Tantric Upay, which does not need any type of Mantra Chanting or any other form of worship or Puja-Vidhi apart from what is prescribed in this post.

The simple procedure of practicing this Totka from the Kak Tantra has been given below.

1] On any day, in the morning,  catch a crow from its nest in or in the property of a temple, church or a Masjid or any other holy place.

2] While going to catch the crow, take a red colored piece of cloth along with you and after you catch the crow, wrap it in the red colored cloth and bring it to your home.

3] Then, place the red colored cloth on the bottom or floor of a cage and keep the crow inside the cage.

4] Then, feed the crow a Wheat Roti, with Pure Ghee, Rose Water, Curds and Kewra Flower Pulp applied on it.

5] At night, give a Dhuni of Kapur, Agar, Guggul and Safed Chandan to the cage, by keeping these substances in a Thali near the cage and lighting them so that the smokes enters the cage.

6] The procedure mentioned in points number 4 and 5 should be performed daily and on the fifth day, you should remove a large feather from the back of the crow.

7] Then, rotate the crow over your head from right to left and then free the crow.

Then, when you go to any government office or before any official decision making body, keep that crows feather in your right pocket.

Doing this, as per the Kak Tantra will enhance and increase your chances of getting fame, honor, respect and recognition, this is if you are eligible for the same.

The Hindi language version of this video can be seen here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QpNHwH5xLk


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