Use of Period Blood in Lover Vashikaran

Menstrual Blood is widely used in any magic rituals of both kinds, black as well as normal magic spells in Indian as well as Western Magic. Period Blood is believed to contain most powerful vibrations and is also said to attract strong external forces and is also said to be a stimulant that effects men.

The use of Period Blood has always been there in Tantric Rituals, including Vashikaran, Mohini and Akarshan Mantra Prayogas.

Many years back, I had written about some Tantric Vashikaran Experiments, which make the used of Period Blood or Mashik Dharm Ka Rakt as it is called in the Hindi Language.

These Vashikaran Totke are essentially used for establishing control over a husband or a lover and dominate him both both physically and mentally.

Some Tantriks say that these Period Blood Spells have the capacity to enable a woman to completely dominate her husband or lover like a mistress and make him do anything for her and act in any manner she desires.

These Vashikaran Spells do not need the use of any Vashikaran or any other kind of infusion or energization Mantra to make them work and they are standalone Vashikaran Spells.

Recently a video was prepared explaining the essential procedure, the video can be seen here-

Some so called Vashikaran Tantriks may have added unnecessary rituals or Vashikaran Mantras to these simple Vashikaran Totke to show their uniqueness, but that is absolutely unneeded because these are Bina Vashikaran Mantra Ke Upay.

I have studied the original sources from where these Vashikaran Experiments first originated and what is shown in the video is all that is needed in order to cast the Vashikaran Spells on your husband or lover.

Note- If any woman has attempted any of the 2 Vashikaran Totke given in the video or intends to use them, then, she can share her experiences so that they may be of great use for others.


  1. dear neel ji pls put the written mantra n procedure on this blog too as u use to give earlier. other then the video link on youtube which is very useful in learning the accurate pronunciation of written mantra. thank u very much for such a informative blog/website/youtube channel.

  2. Hi, i would advice beginners and expert tantriks not to use this as i had faced this type of mohini vashikaran. Effects of such vidhi are as under.
    1) You will feel a pinch on one part of body whenever you touch liquid.
    2) You will keep on thinking about that person 24*7.
    3) you will feel you want to give all your belongings and yourself for that person. (tantrik)
    4)if you have female in house this totka gets linked to her menstrual in such a way that you will be bound to keep on thinking. (it acts like recharge)
    5) It's hard to withdraw such vashikaran from a person.
    6) even though you attempt to remove it will come back every month. You will be mentally disturb.I mean it you will be half unconscious all the time.
    7) if its done with black magic spell you will be dead alive person.

    request you not to do this type of vasikaran or any type of vashikaran.

    1. Aap plz aur detail mai btayenge apna experience..kisne aapke uper kia aur ye menstural blood khilane ka asar sach mai hota h ya nhi aur kitne din tak rhta h..kya ye permanently ho jata h..aur kya sach mai sirf vhi ek insan k baare mai 24*7 sochte h.. aas pas jo aur log h kya unse pyaar khtm ho jata h..plz sab share kijiye

    2. Mujhe ye baat nhi samgh aayi 4th n 6th point..kya htana chahenge jo vapis aa jayega..n 4th one...kisse energy miligi kaise..🤔

  3. Neel ji....plz also suggest some remady to remove this period blood my husband' girlfriend has done this spell on him...she has broken our family ...i hv two daughter....i want to my husband back from her spell....for my family sake....any remady jijse uske spell usper hi ulta pad jaye

  4. Hi i am going to do this for the person i love. I cant live without him. He had another relation. But thats not possible. He had sex with me. And one day he suddenly said that he have an affair. They didint see each other. Only through chat and calls they loving. I want to make he loves me. I am going to give my menstrual blood to him... please any suggetion...???? I am an orphan. There is no way....


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