Mantra to Stop Voodoo Spells Attack By Enemy

This is a Shatru Nivaran Mantra, which makes the use of a most powerful Shabar Mantra to stop an Tantric Attack by an enemy who is using dangerous Tantras, Mantras, Occult and Voodoo  Spells, psychic attacks or Yantras or any other invisible paranormal means to harass and cause harm to the practitioner.

This Mantra needs to be Mastered and hence, the practitioner should select any auspicious date like Holi, Navratri, Makar Sankranti or the period of a Surya or Chandra Grahan to start the Siddhi Prayog.

To gain Siddhi, the practitioner has to chant the Mantra 10,000 times in all using, preferably a Rudraksha Japa Mala for the purpose of counting the number of Mantra Chants.

अग्नि पर शत्रु जले जैसे जले नीर |
भैरो की दुहाई हो सत्य की खाओ खीर |
सन्तों की भगति शिव की शक्ति |
फूंको शत्रु पर करे दण्डित वीर |
जो नर नारी पाप करें संत लिखे तक़दीर |
संतो का ले नाम जगत में खाये खीर |
जय जय संतों की |
इति सिध्दं ||

Agni Par Shatru Jale Jaise Jale Neer |
Bhairo Ki Duhaee Ho Satya Ki Khaao Kheer |
Santon Ki Bhagati Shiv Ki Shakti |
Foonko Shatru Par Kare Dandit Veer |
Jo Nar Nari Paap Karen Sant Likhe Takdeer |
Santo Ka Le Naam Jagat Mem Khaaye Kheer |
Santon Ka Le Naam Jagat Mem Khaaye Kheer |
Iti Siddham ||

Once, the Siddhi Sadhana has started, it can continue even after the period of the festival or eclipse is over. The practitioner should take a break only for the most essential needs, which are unavoidable.

Then, to prevent or stop the enemy attack, the practitioner has to take some Vibhuti or Holy Ash, it can be from a temple or from his own place of worship.

Then, holding the Vibhuti in his hand, he has to chant the Shatru Nivaran Mantra just once with concentration in order to infuse the Vibhuti with the power of the Mantra.

Then, he has to give this Mantra Abhimintrit Vibhuti to the enemy to eat, in case, this is nor possible, he should throw it in the compound of the home of the enemy.

This is said to prevent, stop and remove all problems related to that specific enemy, but it will work only on an evil person, who is really your enemy and is casting evil spells against you and not on any innocent person who you wrongly believe is your enemy and is causing harm to you.

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