Mantra to Put Enemy in Danger and Jeopardy

In this post, I have written about a most dangerous Mantra for putting your sworn enemy in danger, harm and jeopardy. This Aghori and fearsome technique originates from the Kak Tantra and its use will make the enemy go through one crises after the other and prevent him from bothering the practitioner.

The simple and easy method of performing this Mantra Prayog is described below for the benefit of readers, even though such dangerous and harmful Mantra Experiments are not endorsed by this site.

1] The practitioner has to catch a crow on any Tuesday and then kill it and remove its bones by separating them from the flesh of the crow.

2] The bones have to be powdered to a paste and then the powder is infused with the power of the Mantra by holding the powder in the right hand and chanting the Mantra given below 7 times.

ॐ जां जीं जबीं जिंए जूं हट ठः स्वाहा ||
Om Jaam Jeem Jabeem Jeema Joom Hata Thaah Swaha ||

This is a Siddh Mantra and it does not need any type of Siddhi Sadhana.

3] Then, the practitioner has to secretly bury the crow bones powder inside the compound of the home of the enemy.

Note- Practicing this dangerous Shatru Nashak Mantra Prayog on an innocent person will revert the spell back to the practitioner and there will be sever side effects.

As per the Kak Tantra this Mantra Prayog should be practiced only on an evil enemy who is trying to destroy the practitioner or the family or loved ones of the practitioner.


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