Effective Remedies Increasing Strength of Sun and Moon

Surya Dev and Chandra Dev or the Sun and the Moon are also worshiped as Gods in the Hindu religion. In this post, I have described traditional Indian astrological remedies to ward-off any kind of Surya and Chandra Dosha by performing simple remedies to appease these deities.

These are effective and beneficial remedies, which do not need, the practitioner to chant any astrological Mantra or Stotra or wear any Yantra to appease these most powerful planets.

These remedies are said to not only remove the malefic effects of these planets, but also increase their strength in the horoscope of the practitioner and attract the beneficial and helpful vibrations of both these planets.

The Sun and Moon are said to influence the personality, mind and thinking of an individual and this varies according to movement of the Sun through the 12 signs and the waxing and waning phases of the Moon.

Removing Dosha and attracting beneficial vibrations of Surya Dev 
This remedy should started on any auspicious day and it must be performed for 1 and a Quarter months by following the procedure given below.

The practitioner should get up early in the morning and have a bath and after performing all his regular religious rituals, offer Arghya to Surya Dev.

This should be done by taking water in a Kalash and offering it to Surya Dev by pouring it from over his head. This is done by keeping both the hands straight over the head and then pouring the water by slightly bending the hands so that the water falls on the ground and not on the body of the practitioner.

While offering Arghya to Surya Dev, the practitioner should make sure that the rays of the Sun fall on his body.

Then, he should offer 1 and a Quarter fistful of Rice Grains to Surya Dev, on the same spot on which the Arghya has been poured.

For Removing Dosha and attracting beneficial vibrations of Chandra Dev
The remedy should be started on the day of Purnima and performed for a total of 15 days, on the banks of a water body by following the procedure given below.

The practitioner should stand for about 10 minutes with folded hands[Namaskar]  near the water body,  looking at the reflection of the Moon in the water. There is no need to recite any prayer or Mantra, but only do what is mentioned here.

He should then offer a Naivedya of any sweet eatable to the water [the sweet eatable should be kept in the water] and then light a Diya of Ghee.

This Upay can also be performed at home [on the terrace] by taking water in a flat bottomed brass utensil and following the procedure mentioned above.

Both the Sun and the Moon have a great influence on the life and destiny of any person according to astrology and these Gharelu Upay for appeasing these planets will have a most positive long term effect on the life of the practitioner.

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  1. This is the best remedy. Giving water not only makes ur sun strong but it also increases ur social reputation making u feel like a King for one day. This remedy is very useful for removing malefic effects of Surya Graham. Giving water to Sun at Sunrise is also good for improving all planets.I used to perform this remedy in my old house. I have now shifted to a new home. where the Sun cannot be seen so easily. Therefore I'm not able to do the remedy. What is d alternative remedy for making my Sun strong?

  2. Respected Guruji,
    I'm intending to start this remedy from a Sunday which is the auspicious day for Lord Surya worship. Please let me know if I can start performing this from Sunday.
    2. Kindly let me know if Arghya can be offered within an hour from sunrise.
    Desperately seeking your inputs. Please be kind to help me. I'm going through worst of the worst situations in life since more than a year without any solution at sight.

    1. Yes, you can start the remedy on Sunday and the Arghya should be offered within 15-30 minutes from Sunrise.


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