Shabar Bajrang Suraksha Mantra

This Shabar Suraksha or Atma Raksha Mantra is for Sadhaks who perform advanced and difficult Siddhi Sadhanas in remote place like forests, mountains or in isolated temples and other such places, including haunted places  that are frequented by ghosts, demons and spirits.

These Sadhaks have to totally concentrate upon the Mantra Sadhana and the accompanying rituals in order to gain Siddhi over such advanced Sadhanas that give them supernatural and paranormal powers.

Evil and malefic entities, like Bhoot, Pret, Pishacha and other dangerous beings try every trick in the book, including physical and psychological harm to prevent them from gaining Siddhi, hence Atma Raksha Mantra are most important for these advanced Sadhaks.

The Shabar Suraksha Mantra given below is once such Mantra, which invokes Bajrang Bali to safeguard the Chouki of the Sadhak with the blessings of Guru Gorakhnath and Kamakhya Devi Mata.

दिन की रक्षा करे सूर्य देव रात की धरती माई |
लोहे का कोट तांबे कि खाई |
अब चौकी बजरंग की आई |
दुहाई गुरु गोरखनाथ बंगाल खंड |
कामरू कामाक्षा देवी की आन |
Din Ki Raksha Kare Soorya Dev Raat Ki Dharti Maaee |
Lohe Ka Kot Tambe Ke Khaaee |
Aab Chouki Bajrang Ki Aaee |
Duhaaee Guru Gorakhnath Bangaal Khand |
Kamaroo Kaamaakshaa Devi Ki Aan |

The Sadhak takes a fistful of Raee or Small Mustard Seeds and then starts chanting this Atma Raksha Mantra and then sprinkles the Mustard Seeds all around the place where the Chouki is situated.

This insulates the place from disturbance from dangerous unseen beings and prevents them from interrupting the Mantra Sadhana and this helps the Sadhak in fully concentration upon his Sadhana and ultimately gain Siddhi.

Hindi language video of this Mantra can be seen here -

Note- Many such Atma Raksha and Disha Bandhan Mantras can be seen in the Protection Mantras and Sections of other Deities.


  1. Can anyone please give me information about Nav Khand Hanuman? I have searched everywhere but have not been able to find anything. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could give me details, mantras, sadhanas etc.


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