Mantra to Remove In-Auspiciousness

In this post, I have written about a Mantra Sadhana getting  for successful outcomes in anything you do or attempt, like a task or job. The Mantra is most simple to chant and it can be practiced by any person, including new comers to Mantra Chanting.

This is an Arisht Removal Mantra, Arishta has many meanings, like in-auspiciousness, bad luck, misfortune,  bad fortune, disaster, calamity and even harmful planetary transits.

This small Mantra comprising of 3 Beej Letters, is said to resolve the problems mentioned above and replace them with auspiciousness and good fortune.

Hindu Mantra Chant to Remove In-Auspiciousness

The Mantra Sadhana is for 21 days and can be started on any day, there is no binding upon the practitioner for specially starting the Mantra Sadhana on so and so day or time.

There are also no specific rules, like the worship of any deity or any kind of Puja-Tantra or Ritual in order to perform the Mantra Sadhana.

The practitioner has to chant the Mantra given below 10, 000 times daily for these 21 days of the Mantra Sadhana.

ॐ क्षों क्षों स्वाहा ||
Om Kshom Kshom Swaha ||

The practitioner can use any kind counting rosary to count the number of Mantra Chants.

This is said to destroy the in-auspiciousness or bad luck that has affected the practitioner and resolve the issues faced by him and give him relief from his problems.

Note- Please do not forget to share your experiences with others, if you attempt this Mantra Prayoga.

Confidence, positive outlook and strong will power are key ingredients in getting success in any kind of Mantra Experiment.

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  1. Dear sir,

    Is it we have to chant 10000 daily or 10000 within 21 day ?

  2. sir apke diye mantra bhut helpful hote hein me apse je janna chahti hu k hum agr koi b mantra jap ya sadhna vala jap krte he to kya uske sath meditate krna jroori hota hein ?aur apne je jo manyra btayia hein use daily 10,000 time continuous krna hein kya hum isee break lekr nhi kr skte k subah 5000 bar or 5000sham ko ..or iska hum muh me jap means silently kr skte hein sir plz reply kijiye jldi or sbka confusion door kryie thanks jo b ap publish krte hein vo logo k liye bhut helpful hein

    1. Kitna bhi break chalega, atleast 10 Mala complete Karo before you take a break. Means 1080 pe aap break le sakte ho.

      I have given clear instructions and covered fine points.

      Once it's approved and published, I hope it helps.

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  4. This Mantra 🙏🏻😇👼🙏🏻 Definitely Helped us.

    Confidence & Faith in this Mantra will give you the Results.

    It can be practiced for only Satvic or Good Causes 😇👼

    It Won't help you harm others.

    I'll make this Simple for people with confusion:

    ✓93 Malas every day
    ✓108 X 93 = 10044 per day
    ✓10044 x 21 days = 210924 times chant for Success
    ✓To be safe chant 93 Malas every day

    Making it Easy for You: So, it's not 💯 Malas but just 93 Malas.

    You'll Need Dedication if You Want Results.

    You can face any direction there's no problem (North South East West, no problem)

    Help for You: If you are tired, you can lie down and chant with a clear and clean heart. Don't sleep or miss praying/chanting the daily count 👌🏻👍🏻

    Chant loud enough that you can hear the Mantra (don't shout or disturb others if you want results). It could be just a loud whisper.

    Weather Help for You: As it's December and it's cold, you need to take bath only on the first day with hot/warm water. Then it's your choice when to take bath the next time.
    Have a Clean Heart & Good Intentions 🙏🏻😇👼🙏🏻

    Note: Light 2 Agarbatthis/Incense Sticks before you Start Chanting the Mantra✨(only once it good enough, but if you want to light many times, follow your wish or intuition)

    Use a Calander to mark and keep a count of 21 days.

    Important Note: Please finish 10044 count everyday before you sleep.

    Items Needed:
    1. Two different coloured bowls are required (any 2 colours)
    2. Count 93 rice grains, so that you won't miss the count
    3. Any Mala/Rosary with 108 beads (I used Tulsi ki Mala)
    4. Be fixed about which Colour Bowl will contain the rice grains at the starting and which Colour Bowl you'll end the count with (to avoid confusion, so 2 colours.)
    5. With each Mala completed, Move 1 rice grain from the Start Bowl to the Other Bowl.
    6. Count rice grains towards the end to make sure you have 93 rice grains.
    7. Collect the rice grains in a small plate and at the end of each 7th day, cook it for yourself and your family as Prashad/Prasadam.
    Note: This will go on for 3 Weeks from the day you Start 7x3 = 21 days.

    Take Bath on the 21st Day without fail.

    Have Faith & You'll Succeed

    Don't miss a day or you'll have to start all over again. I didn't miss a day (did 21 days) and I cancelled all my work for this Mantra and I got the Blessings

    Be Blessed with Good Luck & Happiness... 😇👼

    🙏🏻 Om Tat Sat 🙏🏻

    Hari Hari Hari Hari

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


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