What to do during Grahan Kaal

The specific period of any solar or lunar eclipse is known as Grahan Kaal. In this post, I have given a few  important rules, which can be followed during Grahan Kaal. These rules, which are prescribed by traditional and orthodox Hindu scholars are also called Grahan Kaal Sutak or thing to refrain during the period of a solar or lunar eclipse.

The post also contains certain simple Punya increasing activities, which can be followed during the eclipse period.

1] During the period of an eclipse, do not cut leaves, flowers, grass or wood.  Do not wring clothes to remove water or do not flip wet hair to make them dry quickly. Do not open locks, sleep, engage in any form of sexual activity or remove body waste.

2] Do not start any new project or task. Do not commence any auspicious ceremony or ritual.

3] It has been mentioned in the Devi Bhagavatam that if one digs or tills the land during an eclipse,  there will be disastrous consequences in the next birth.

4] In the Skanda Purana, it has been mentioned that eating the food of another person destroys the cumulative Punya of the past 12 years.

5] Giving fodder to cattle, grains to birds, clothes to the needy increases the accumulated Punya in multiples.

6] Fasting 3 days before the period of an eclipse or on the day of an eclipse and giving Daan is said to give Mahapunya to the practitioner. However, persons having children should not keep fasts on the day of an eclipse or on the day of the festival of Sankranti.

7] It is advisable not to take food, 4 Prahar before a Surya Grahan[solar eclipse] and 3 Prahar before a Chandra Grahan[lunar eclipse], 1 Prahar is equal to 3 hours. However, this rule does not apply to children, elderly persons and those who are sick and ailing, such persons can take food 1 Prahar before the start of the period of an eclipse.

8] After the completion of the eclipse, the reflection of the Sun or Moon should be visualized, depending on the type of eclipse and then only should food be consumed.  Otherwise food or water should not be consumed during Grahan Kaal.

9] The food, which contains sesame seeds[Til] or Darbha is not considered to be Dushit[ infected].  Cooked food should not be consumed during the period of an eclipse, it should be given to cows or dogs.

10] Water containing sesame seeds or Darbha can be consumed  during the period of an eclipse under unavoidable conditions.

Note-  Grahan Kaal is considered to be an auspicious period for performing certain rituals and getting Mantra Siddhi. There are many Mantras-Yantras-Tantras of all kinds published on this site, which can practiced during the specific period of an eclipse. The specific rules or recommendations are specified on those individual posts.


  1. Sir... Namaste. Point five... Giving fodder grains etc can be done next day in case of lunar eclipse ?though we will take out their share separately during grahan kaal.... Pls advice. Thank you.

  2. What instructions are for Pregent ladies ?

    1. It is best to avoid Mantra Sadhanas and other religious activities during advanced stages of pregnancy, there are special recommendations, the rest depends upon your health.


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