Do not change your Meditation Mantra Frequently

If you are engaged in any kind of long term meditation of your Ishta Devta, Kul Devta or the Naam Jaap of any other deity, then it is recommended that you do not keep changing the Mantra frequently or moving from one Mantra to another because this will not help you in getting the full benefits of any of these Mantras.

For example, if you are chanting Om Namah Shivaya and if you discontinue the chanting of this Mantra and after a few days and start chanting Om Namo Narayana and then switch to Om Aim Kleem Chamundaye Vichche after a few days, you are unlikely to gain the benefits of any of these Mantra.

You have to remember that most of the popular meditation and devotional Mantras are most powerful and effective, provided that you identify with that Mantra and forget about everything else, while you are engaged in the meditation of that Mantra.

Once you start enjoying the chanting of your Ishta Mantra, then only will you start getting Adhyatmik or Spiritual knowledge and experiences, which will eventually lead to Moksha or the ultimate liberation from the unending cycle of life and birth and merging with the Supreme Being. This is what most Liberated Beings have been preaching for centuries.

As mentioned in some earlier posts, it is of utmost importance for the practitioner to believe from the bottom of his heart that his Ishta Devta is the Supreme Being or the Ever-Existent God who created everything, who is present in everything and everything is present within him. You can read more on the importance of making the worship of your Ishta Devta or favoured deity more powerful and helpful, in the post - How to make the worship of your Ishta Devta more effective

In this way, the Ishta Mantra can assume unimaginable power and works miracles for the practitioner.

Can women do Mantra Japa which having their Menstural Periods ?

Can women do Mantra Japa which having their Monthly Cycle?
This is one question that we get regularly from women who are engaged in long term meditation as well as Mantra Sadhanas and Prayogas.

Most of the Mantra Sadhanas and Experiments advise that if a woman is engaged in the Mantra Sadhana, then, she should discontinue it during her monthly cycle and continue after the completion of the menstrual period.

We only prescribe what has been prescribed for these Mantra Sadhanas and Experiments in the related Tantras.

However, this is a very debatable point and it all depends upon the mental framework of the woman. For example, if the woman continues the meditation and starts feeling guilty and thinks that she is doing something wrong and sinful, then this will prove to be counter-productive and create psychological problems for the woman, instead of helping her.

On the contrary, if the woman has strong will power and has a positive attitude toward the meditation, then,  she will not have any psychological problems, even if she continues chanting her Ishta Mantra during her monthly cycle.

One most relevant example of a woman meditating during her menstrual cycle is that of Draupadi who was menstruating during her Vastraharan, but she continued chanting the Krishna-Krishna Naam Jaap.

However, this as mentioned above totally depends upon the psychological framework of the woman and nothing else.


  1. Hi Neel,
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    Yogendra singh chhonkar

  2. Ya, Drupadhiji, that's why she is called as vedavidye and lord Krishna as vedavedya🙏🙏🙏 their is no difference between lord and devotee it's d way we think. Thank u Mr.Neel

  3. इस शनिवार को आने वाली शनिश्चरी अमावस्या पर कई तरह के शुभ योग बन रहे हैं .साढ़े साती ढैया वाले जातकों पर इस बार शनिदेव की विशेष कृपा होगी .शनि के प्रकोप से बचने के लिए जातक मंगलकारी योग में भगवान् शनि का तिलाभिषेक करें ,जिससे राहत मिलेगी .ग्रहों की सत्ता और विक्रम सम्वत के राजा शनि के राज में इस बार वैशाख मॉस की शनि अमावस्या मनाई जा रही है .इस दिन त्रिग्रही योग बन रहा है .साढ़े साती व ढैया से जातकों को मुक्ति मिल सकेगी ,वैसाख मॉस की अमावस्या तिथि शनिवार के दिन हो तो इसका महत्व अधिक हो जाता है .ऐसी मान्यता है कि इस दिन शनिदेव की विशेष आराधना करने से मनोकामनाएं पूर्ण होती हैं .

  4. But what of we want something special like friends or money or a lover. Can we do anoyher mantra together with the mantra heling to nu Isht ? Some devi and devta are brahmchari or God of love like kamdev.


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