Remedy to Remove or Repulse Hypnotic Spells

A simple remedy to remove the effects of Sammohan or Hypnosis has been described in this post. Many of our readers write to me from time to time asking for a simple but effective remedy for removing the ill-effects of a Hypnotic Spell or to repulse a possible attempt being made by someone to bind them under a Sammohan Spell.

This simple Totka from the Lal Kitab will also work in removing or repulsing these Voodoo Spells, which might have been cast or are likely to be cast for any end motive, including Vashikaran, Akarshan or for Business Purposes in order to take undue advantage of the target.

Apart from intentional Sammohan Spells, the target can also come under the unintentional Hypnotic Spell of someone who has a commanding or powerful personality or a magnetic voice. Unintentional Hypnosis can also occur when some person emotional blackmails you to act in a certain manner or do something, which you might not have done in the normal course.

Tilak to Remove Hypnotic Spells

The Totka can be practiced on any day as it is a standalone remedy that does not need any kind of Shubh Muhurat, Tithi or Puja-Vidhi. There is also no need to chant any kind of Mantra, including an Infusion Mantra in order to practice this remedy.

The practitioner has to take a small portion of the Jad or Root of the Shwet of White variety of the Apamarga Plant, which is also called as Shwet Onga or Latjira Plant in Hindi and Prickly Chall Flower Plant or Devil’s Horsewhip Plant in the English language.

Then, he has to ground the Jad of the Shwet Apamarga Plant into a fine paste by adding a few drops of water.

A Tilak of this Shwet Apamarga Jad should be applied on the forehead in order to remove of repulse a Hypnotic Spell.

The practitioner can also use this paste on any victim or possible victim of a Hypnotic Spell.

Notes- The Apamarga Plant is known to possess strong medicinal and paranormal properties and is used in a number of Healing Remedies and the preparations Traditional Indian Medicines. It is also used in some Tantrik Experiments, like Vashikaran and Stambhan. This site has written about some these Tantric Totke that make the use of the Apamarga Plant. 


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