Mantra to Turn Bad Omens into Good Omens

In this post, I have written about an uncommon Mantra that is said to possess the power of turning bad or inauspicious omens into good omens. In the Hindi language, this Mantra is called as the Aap Shakun Ko Accha Aur Shubh Shakun Me Badalne Wala Mantra.

This Mantra is most suitable for all those people who have firm faith and belief in omens or have had some pleasant or unpleasant experiences regarding certain omens and are looking for a Mantra Remedy for resolving this problem.

Aap Shakun Ko Accha Aur Shubh Shakun Me Badalne Wala Mantra

For example – Some people have a very strong belief that when they are going for some important work and if someone asks them where they are going, then they will not get success or will have to face obstacles or delays.

Some other people have a phobia about a black cat crossing their because they believe that this omen foretells that something bad is going to happen to them.

This Mantra can be helpful and beneficial for these people because it is a Siddh Mantra and if the practitioner wishes to use it at will, then he has to fully memorize the Mantra before actually using it for turning an inauspicious omen into an auspicious one.

Then, if the need arises, he has to chant the Mantra just 3 times for reversing a bad omen into a good one.

ॐ भगवती भिराड़ी भाटत्पु कुरु कुट कुट उतिणी भगवती भिराड़ी की ६ मास सेवा की घी भगवती भिराड़ी तूसि करि वरु दी हुउ जुकणु जलवटि थलवटि अम्हरउं नामुले सड़ तसुकु सवणु फेडि ससवणु होसई ||
Om Bhagavati Bhiradi Bhaatatpu Kuru Kut Kut Utini Bhagavati Bhiradi Ki 6 Maas Seva Ki Ghee Bhagavati Bhiradi Toosi Kari Di Huu Jukanu Jalavati Thalavati Aamharauam Naamule Sad Tasuku Savanu Fedi Sasavanu Hosaee ||

Note- Please remember that the Mantra should be used only if the practitioner has a deep rooted fear and phobia about certain specific omens. Using the Mantra frequently for frivolous purposes will make it loose its power and make it ineffective.


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