Simple Black Magic and Evil Eye Removal Spells

In this post, I have written about a couple of simple evil-eye and black magic removal spells, which make the use of fire and some common everyday items that are found in most kitchens. Fire has always been known to be an effective antidote for burning evil, including all kinds of Black Voodoo Spells and Hexes and Curses.

These are uncomplicated spells that can be practiced by lay-persons, including housewives to remove the malefic effects of black magic spells and evil or malevolent gaze from children and adults.

The two simple spells given below can be practiced on any day and do no need the chanting of any kind of prayer because they are standalone evil energies removal spells. These spells can start working within minutes, provided they are practiced by intensity and self confidence, which are are the most important ingredients in gaining success in these and other similar spells.

Simple Hexes and Curses Removal Spells

First Spell
1] Take 7 Unbroken Red Chilies in your right hand and rotate them 7 times over the head of the affected person in a clockwise manner and then put them in a fire.

If the person has been affected by the evil-eye or black magic he is likely to start coughing, while the chilies are burning over the fire.

Second Spell 
2] Take 7 pieces of Sea Salt in your right hand and as in the First Remedy given above, rotate them 7 times in a clockwise manner over the head of the affected person and then throw them into the fire.

This simple exorcism ritual will remove the black magic or evil-eye from the body of the affected person.

These items can be burnt on the fire either by heating a small iron pan and placing the items on the fire or directly putting them into the fire.

For both these home remedies, the residue of the items burnt over the fire can be thrown outside the house.

The practitioner can practice any one of these spells or even both of them.

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