Simple Talisman to Remove Evil Spells from a House

In this post, I have written about a simple numerical talisman to exorcise and remove evil spells, like the evil-eye, curses, black magic spells, and similar evil frequencies and witchcraft from a house. This witchcraft exorcism ritual is suitable for laypersons as it is uncomplicated and at the same time most effective.

This evil exorcising talisman is similar to some other talismans, charms and Yantras for the same purpose that have been published on this site over the past many years, but the ritual is different and it is as effective as the other evil exorcising talismans.

The practitioner can follow the procedure given below for making and using it for protecting his home from the evil energies mentioned above.

1] The Yantra / talisman show in the image can be prepared on any day at any time, inside the house, on a white piece of paper using black colored ink.

Simple Talisman to Remove Witchcraft from a House

2] Then, it should be rolled like a wick and dipped in Cow Ghee or the clarified butter of a cow and burnt to ash. The practitioner can throw away the ashes outside the house on the next day.

This is a simple one-time remedy for removing evil from a house and it is said to keep the house safe in the future.

Notes- This is a standalone numerical talisman and apart from what is recommended in this post, there is no need to chant any kind of prayer or perform any other ritual.

Exorcism remedies of all kinds and for all purposes can be seen in the section on Exorcism Mantras, Talismans, Yantras and Rituals 


  1. 3 जून को सर्वार्थ सिद्धि समेत दुर्लभ योगों के बीच शनि जयन्ती मनेगी.पांच
    ऐसे विशेष योग हैं जो इस बार शनि जयन्ती को ख़ास बना रहे हैं .इस दिन सोमवती अमावस्या ,वट सावित्री व्रत ,सर्वार्थ सिद्धि,रोहिणी नक्षत्र व शनि के साथ केतु का गोचर होने जैसे योग इस दिन की शुभता बढ़ाने के साथ ही विशिष्ट फलदायी होंगे .

    1. बहुत अच्छी जानकारी है, साधकों के लिए लाभदायक साबित हो सकती है.


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