Vashikaran By Paan Mantra to Attract Wife

In this post, I have written about a special Vashikaran By Paan Mantra to put your own wife under a strong spell of Vashikaran. This Vashikaran Mantra is useful for those people whose wives do not love them or are not attracted towards them.

There are different kinds of Vashikaran By Paan Mantra Experiments, Paan is a preparation using a Betel leaf and Supari or Areca Nut along with some flavoring ingredients to give taste to the Paan. Mitha Paan or the Sweet and tasty variety of Paan is used for all these Vashikaran Experiments.

The special thing about this Patni Ka Paan Se Vashikaran Karne Ka Mantra Prayog is that it is intended to be used against a wife or some other woman, like a live-in-girlfriend with whom the practitioner is in some kind of relationship. This attraction experiment cannot be used for the attraction any other desired woman apart from wife or live-in-girlfriend.

Paan Se Vashikaran Karne Ka Mantra

The practitioner has to chant the Vashikaran Mantra given below 108 times on any day to gain Siddhi over the Mantra and be able to use it on his wife or live-in-girlfriend.

पान पढ़ी खिलावे, त्रिया जोरि बिसरावे, क्षीरे त्रिया तोरा साथ नहि जावे, नाग वागे नागिन फेन काढ़े, तोर मुख न हित जाए वो, रे नागा, दोहाई गुरु नानक शाही का, दोहाई डाकिन का |
Paan Padhi Khilaave, Triya Jori Bisaraave, Kshire Triya Tora Saath Nahi Jaave, Naag Vaage Naagin Fen Kaadhe, Tor Mukh Na Hit Jaae Vo, Re Naaga,  Dohaee Guru Nanak Shahi Ka, Dohaaee Daakin Ka |

Then, to actually use the Mantra to attract his wife, the practitioner has to hold the Paan in his right hand and then chant the Mantra 11 times and then give the Vashikaran Mantra Infused Paan to his wife to eat.

Only in case, the wife does not eat Paan, the practitioner can replace it with Mithai or any sweet eatable, including a chocolate.

The Hindi language video of this Wife Vashikaran Mantra Prayog can be seen on our YouTube Channel -

Note- For all kinds of Vashikaran, Alarshan and Mohini Mantra Sadhanas and Experiments, please visit the section on - Attraction Mantras. 


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