Vashikaran By Kaner Flowers Mantra Prayog

The method of infusing the power of a unique Shabar Vashikaran Mantra into the flowers of the Lal Kaner Tree has been described in this post. The Mantra Infused Flowers of the Red Oleander Tree are used to cast a most powerful love spell on any desired man or woman.

The Vashikaran By Kaner Flowers Mantra Prayog can be practiced by following the procedure given below.

Voodoo Spells By Kaner Flowers

1] On the evening of a Saturday go to a Lal Kaner Tree and pray to the tree and ask for permission and tie a Kalawa / Mauli Thread on a small branch of the tree, which has flowers growing on it.

2]  Then, the next day, which is Sunday, go to the Kaner Tree and cut that branch and bring it to your home.

3] Then, at night keep the branch on a red colored piece of cloth and light Dhoop and Diya before it and worship it and sit on a woolen sitting mat and chant the Vashikaran Mantra given below 121 times. Any kind of counting rosary can be used, this Vidhi will infuse the branch with the power of the Shabar Vashikaran Mantra.

ॐ मूठी माता मूठी रानी गूठी लगावे आग |
[अमुक] के चटक लगाय बेधडक कलह मचावै मुख न बोले, सुख न सोवे, कहत मंत्र उठाय, मारयाै उरझै क्यों काचा सूत की आटी उरझै अब देखूं नाहसिंह वीर तेरे मंत्र की शक्ति शब्द सांचा पिण्ड काचा, फुरो मंत्र इश्वरो वाचा |
Om Moothi Mata Moothi Rani Goothi Lagaave Aag |
[Amuk] Ke Chatak Lagaaya Bedhadak Kalaha Machaavai Mukh Na Bole, Sukh Na Sove, Kahat Mantra Uathaaya, Maarayaai Uarajhai Kyon Kacha Soot Ki Aathi Uarajhai Aab Dekhoom Naahasimha Veer Tere Mantra Ki Shakti Shabd Sancha, Furo Mantra Ishwaro Vacha |

4] Then, in order to cast a Voodoo Vashikaran Spell on any desired person, you have to take one flower from the branch and chant the Shabar Vashikaran Mantra 21 times and then give that Shabar Vashikaran Mantra Infused Flower to the desired person. Here you have to replace the word Amuk-अमुक with the name of the desired man or woman.

This Vashikaran Vidhi is said to cast a very strong and unbreakable love spell on the desired person.

The other flowers on the same branch of the Lal Kaner Tree can also be used to cast Vashikaran Spells on other persons.

Notes- The Flowers of the Lal Kaner or  Red Oleander Tree are said to possess very strong paranormal properties and are used in all kinds of Voodoo Spell, including very dangerous death inflicting spells.

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  1. Pranam neel sir ,,What if ..I use yellow kaner ...Because red kaner are not found easily or nearby ?? Reply needed


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