Vashikaran By Writing Name on Peepal Leaf

A very simple Vashikaran Totka, which is practiced by writing the name of a desired lover or your husband or wife on a Peepal Ka Patta or the leaf of a Peepal Tree has been described by me in this post.  This is Bina Mantra Ya Yantra Ka Vashikaran Totka that does not need the use of any Vashikaran Mantra or Yantra.

I had written about this Vashikaran Totka a few years back, but I have still written about it once again because Vashikaran By writing the name of the target person on a Peepal Leaf is one of the most popular Vashikaran Remedies that do not need any kind of Infusion Mantra.  I have also included additional information about this Vashikaran Totka in this post, which was not present in the earlier post.

This Totka can be practiced on any day by following the Vidhi given below.
1] The name of the desired lover should be written on a fresh Peepal Ka Patta as shown in the image included in this post,  using Ashtagandha Paste and written with the Kanishtha Ungli or little finger of the right hand, if you are left handed, then, you can use the little finger of your left hand.

Pipal Ke Patte Se Vashikaran

2] Then, the Peepal Ka Patta should be kept for drying indoors or in a shaded place.

3] When it dries up completely, it should be crushed to make a fine powder and a few drops of water have to be added and small balls or tablets have to be prepared from this paste. These balls should be equal to the number of letters in the name of the desired person.

In the image, the example names have been written in the Hindi language as राजेश if you want to attract a man and सुमन if you want to attract a woman.  Both these names comprise of 3 letters and hence, 3 balls have to be prepared.

If you are writing the name in the English language as Rajesh, which is comprised of 6 letters then 6 balls have to be prepared. Similarly the name can also be written in your native mother tongue or native language.

4] These balls / tablets has to be wrapped in a red colored cotton cloth and kept near your pillow, while going to sleep at night for 3 nights.

5] Then, on the fourth night, you have to go near the house of the desired person and remove the balls from the red cloth and throw the balls near the main door / entrance of the house without being seen by anyone. The red cloth can be brought back to your house and  you have to go to sleep.

If you are practicing this Vashikaran Totka for attracting your husband or wife, then you should throw the balls near the main door / entrance of your own house.

The video of this Peepal Ke Patte Se Vashikaran Remedy in the Hindi language can be seen on our YouTube Channel-

Notes- This is a one-time Vashikaran Totka and it should be practiced with self confidence.

This Vashikaran Totka is also practiced using a Bhojpatra instead of a Peepal Ka Patta. However, using a Peepal Ka Patta can be more effective because of the inherent paranormal properties present in the Peepal Tree.

Many more interesting Vashikaran Remedies that do not need the use of a Vashikaran Mantra or Yantra can be seen in the section on – Vashikaran Tone, Totke and Upay 


  1. Respected Guruji,

    Can i put the balls in front door of my own house even though my wife has left me or is it to be put in her parents house where she is currently residing. Please guide


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