Peepal Leaf Remedy For Money

In this post today, I have explained the special procedure to perform a simple paranormal remedy for making money, which uses the Peepal Patta or a Leaf of the Sacred Fig Tree as a Lucky Charm. This simple and easy to understand Indian Totka, which is popularly called in the Hindi language as the Laxmi Prapti Aur Dhan Varsha  Ke Saral Ya Achook Upay can be performed by any person who is in need of extra  money.

The paranormal remedy for Money Attraction should be performed on any Saturday in the morning after having a bath and wearing clean and fresh clothes.  The practitioner has to go to a Peepal Tree and bring home a fresh, undamaged leaf of the Peepal Tree. At home, the Peepal leaf has to be washed with Ganga Jal[water of the sacred River Ganges].

The practitioner should prepare a paste of Haldi Powder[ Turmeric Powder] by mixing the Haldi Powder with a small quantity of water. After the Peepal Leaf dries up, the practitioner should write the Hreem ह्रीं Beej in the center of the Peepal Patta with his  Anamika Ungli or Ring Finger with the Haldi Paste as shown in the image of this Charm included in this post. The size and style of writing the ह्रीं Beej can vary and need not be exactly like what has been shown in the image.

Peepal Patta Laxmi Prapti UpayFor Money
Peepal Leaf Remedy For Money
Finally, the Pepal Leaf should be worshipped by offering Dhoop and Diya and then it has to be folded and kept like a Lucky Money Attracting in the Money Purse or Wallet.

The same procedure should be repeated every Saturday by preparing a new Peepal Patta Money Charm, after , which the earlier Peepal Patta should be immersed in a flowing water body like a river, canal or the sea.

Note- There are many such Mantras, Yantras, Remedies and Charms, which make the use of the Peepal Leaf and a lot of them have been posted on this site over the past many years. The end aim of most of these remedies is to gain money, wealth, prosperity and abundance but each uses a different Tantric Procedure.


  1. Namastey guruji,
    Please explain what to do if there is no flowing water bodies around my home to immerse the peepal leaf.

  2. Yes please tell me too. And any yours guru mantra save me from negative people around me

  3. Is it necessary to have ganga jal

  4. महोदय जी पत्ते के अगले या पिछले भाग में से कौनसी साइड में लिखना है कृपया बताएं।

  5. River canal or sea are very away from us hundreds to thousands of kms from us what's the alternate.

  6. Can I perform a Peeples mantra puja at home as we don't have a Peeples tree near by or can I have a Peepel yantra

    1. The remedy should be performed as mentioned in the article.


  8. I lentsome money to a person but now he is not returned my it is 3 what tantric way I can recover the money.please advice.

  9. Namaskar, in city, thrs no flowing water over here, plz tell me wat to do with the old leaf

  10. Is it compulsory to bring leaf on Saturday only or can we bring on any day and write hreen on Saturday

  11. how many weeks we should perform this


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