Prophecy of Do or Die Battle in India

This is a guest post by Shri Rajendra Iyer on the rapidly changing political situation in India and the disastrous consequences of the inability or lack of courage to act decisively and strike the blows, which matter.

Do the Stars foretell an Aar Paar Ki Ladai or Do or Die Battle in India between the supporters and opponents of Hinduism?  Things are certainly moving rapidly in that direction and a major strife appears inevitable unless the allegedly Pro-Hindu Modi Government blinks first and capitulates before the relentless and multi front attacks mounted upon it by the opponents of Hinduism.

At the moment of writing this article the Modi Government appears to be under some sorts of a seize on most fronts as the attacks by the Secularists are mounted in quick succession one after the other.  The Intolerance Debate, the Award Wapsi Series, the Rohith Vemula Suicide Case and the JNU and Kanhaiya Kumar episodes came one after the other. To this list can be added the Jat and Patel Reservation Agitations and the verbal and physical attacks on the Indian Army and the Para Military Forces by the Kashmiri and Maoist Militants.

One does not know what will hit the Modi Government next as its inability to retaliate has emboldened the Secularists and the Modi Government is humiliated on a day-to-day basis by almost anyone, including insignificant and unknown persons.  The last moment attempt to sabotage and stop the Sri Sri Ravishankar’s World Culture Festival in New Delhi is an prime example of the emboldened mental state of the Secularists.

I am a regular reader and subscriber of this site and read with great interest, the wide and diverse range of topics covered by it, including the Prophecies of Nostradamus and the Future Predictions on India. The site in it interpretations of the Prophecies and Prediction has repeatedly indicated that Turmoil and Change is just around the corner in India. It might be due to a Revolution, Result of the Global Situation or the Rise of a great leader to power in India or some unknown reason.

The site has interpreted and written about a lot of prophecies on Narendra Modi, which turned out to be true. Modi did rise to power by a very popular and decisive mandate as predicted by this site, however, his inability to strike the vital and decisive punches have encouraged and emboldened the Secularists to humiliate, ridicule, insult and humiliate him and his government at every given opportunity. He has to always remember that the world always fears and respects the Strong and  ridicules the Weak.

The so-called Secularists, now include the Maoists, Ultra-Leftists, Islamic Hardliners, Christian Fundamentalists, Sleazy Media Persons, Corrupt Political Dynasties, Dubious NGO’s and almost everyone who hates the words Hindu and Hinduism.

Modi, the BJP and the RSS have turned out to be a huge disappointment they simply lack the courage, will power and determination to come out of the seize mentality and to strike back at those who kick it around on a daily basis.  History repeatedly tells us that those who ruled were those who knew how to stay in power and use it; those who perished were those lacked the courage to strike the decisive blows when it mattered most.



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