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Manipushpak Shankh Mantra for Money

The Manipushpak Shankh is yellowish in color, its mouth is fully opened and it has a fine or thin shell. The ancient Hindu religious scriptures, including the Mahabharata, say that this was the Shankh of Sahadeva, the youngest of the Five Pandavas. This conch shell is extremely rare to find and most of those conch shells sold in the market are either artificial copies or fakes of the Manipushpak Shankh. In this post, I have described a rare and unique Mantra Remedy to attract and increase money [Laxmi Vriddhi Aur Akarshan] using the magical paranormal properties of the Manipushpak Shankh.

To purify, energize and infuse the Manipushpak Shankh with the Mantra, the Sadhaka has to sit before the Shankh and chant the Infusion Mantra given below 108 times using a Pearl Counting Rosary [Moti Ki Japa Mala in Hindi]. This Money Attraction Mantra Experiment should be performed for a total of 11 days.

ॐ मणिपुष्पक शंखाय मम गृहे धन वृध्दि कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ||
Om Manipushpak Shankhaaya Mam Gruhe Dhan Vriddhi Kuru Kuru Swaha ||

The Mantra Sadhana can be commenced on any day. It is best to perform the Manipushpak Dhan Akarshan Mantra Sadhana in the morning after taking a bath and wearing fresh and clean clothes. Before commencing the Mantra Prayoga, the Sadhaka should offer Dhoop and Diya to the Manipushpak Shankh. After the conclusion of the 11 days Mantra Experiment, the Manipushpak Shankh should be placed in the Puja Ghar or any other clean and auspicious place in the house, shop or office.

Healing with the Manipushpak Shankh- The Manipushpak Shankh is rich in calcium and phosphorus content and hence drinking water, which has been filled inside this Shankh, can help reduce the Blood Sugar Level of persons suffering from Diabetics.

For Spiritual Advancement- Shiva and Hanuman devotes who are engaged in any form of devotional Mantra Sadhana of Shiva or Hanuman, can fill the Milk of a Yellow Colored Cow inside the Manipushpak Shankh and then perform Achaman for getting quick results in their Mantra Sadhana with the help of the paranormal magical powers of the Manipushpak Shankh.


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