Mantra to Purify and Install Ganesh Shankh

In this post, I have described a Ganesh Mantra to energize and install the Ganesh Shankha in the house for getting Laxmi Kripa, all round prosperity, money, property, happiness, abundance, peace and eradication of debts, enemies, evil energies and obstacles. The Ganesh Shankha is a rare conch shell, which has the shape of Ganesha. The shape of Lambodar Ganapati is visible on all the sides or angles of the Ganesh Shankha, which is why this conch shell has been named after Ganesha.

The Ganesh Shankha is a conch shell, which can be found in the Kailash Manasarova or in the sea, it is normally white or light yellow in color. If lucky enough to be in the possession of a genuine Ganesh Shankh, then it can be energized and installed in the house, the shop, or any other business premises to avail the benefits, which have been mentioned above.

The Ganesh Shankh Staphana can be done on any day in the morning. The practitioner should take a bath wear clean, fresh and unsoiled clothes and then bathe the Ganesh Shankh in Ganga Jal [water of the holy river Ganges]. After which, the practitioner should sit down comfortably in front of the Ganesh Shankh and chant the purification Mantra given below 108 times using a Coral Bead [Moonga Japa Mala]or Pearl Bead Moti Japa Mala]Counting Rosary.

The Pearl and Coral Counting Rosaries have been specially prescribed because of the inherent Jal Tatva or Water Element, which is most beneficial in energizing the Ganesh Shankh, which also originates in water.

The practitioner can if he desires chant the same Mantra once every day in front of the Ganesh Shankha.

श्री गणेश शंखाय नमः गणेश शंखाय मम गृहे धन वर्षा कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ||
Shri Ganesh Shankhaya Namah Ganesh Shankhaya Mam Gruhe Dhana Varsha Kuru Kuru Swaha ||


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