The Mythical Magical Nagamani

There are repeated references in many ancient Hindu religious scriptures about the Nagamani or the Magical Pearl, Gem, Moti or Mani, which is found on the head of the King of Snakes or Nagraja Vasuki. The Snake, which is coiled like a garland around the neck of Shiva, is none other than Vasuki, who is also immortalized as the one who was the churning rope during the Sagar Manthan or the Churning of the Ocean to separate the Amrita or the Divine Nectar of Immortality. It is also indicated in these texts that Vasuki was blessed with the Nagamani by Shiva for his devotion and his role in the epic Sagar Manthan.

The Nagamani is also known as the Sarpa Mukta or the Fhanimani. It is said that the Nagmani appears on the head of a snake when the snake becomes 1000 years old. The ancient texts describe this Gem as the one having the glow of a Divine Particle, which is in size like a Bajra or Pearl Millet Grain. Some other texts describe the Nagamani as being round in shape, light or sky blue in color and possessing a Divine Glow.

The Doha of Goswami Tulsidas from the Ramcharitmanas, which, I, have referred to below can be said to be descriptive of the Nagmani
The Mythical Nagamani or Gem of a Snake
The Mythical Nagamani
“Good people should never give up their Goodness even under bad circumstances, in the same manner in which the Nagmani retains its pureness in spite of adorning the head of the most poisonous snake”

The Nagamani is attributed with bestowing upon its possessor immense paranormal powers of all kinds. The most famous of all these legendary powers, which the possessor acquires, is the power of Divya Drishti or the magical and paranormal power to visualize anything in the World.

There have been quite a few Hindi and regional language films, which have been based upon the legend of the Nagamani and its immense magical powers. Even though there are some people who claim to be in the possession of the Nagamani, which is considered to be the rarest of rare Tantric items, there is no evidence to show that the Nagamani exists on earth.

Note- The image, included in this post is an artistic creation and not a picture of the Nagamani.


  1. Nagmani exists.Many royal houses of India collect those rare gems or navratnas. And many big business families have that as well.

    1. I have already collected Naagmani and it is available with me from the 2011 year

  2. Isn't there any sadhana to achieve NAGAMANI?


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