Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Magical Pearl From the Sky

Some ancient Hindu religious scriptures describe a most powerful kind of Tantric Pearl, which is said to come from the Akash Loka [The Skies].  This Pearl is called in these ancient texts as the Mega Mukta or the Aakash Mukta. Mukta is the Sanskrit word for a Pearl.  This Pearl is said to enter the Earth from the sky along with the rains, hence it has also been called as the Megha Mukta or Mani, Megha being the Sanskrit word for Rain.

The Aakash Mukta has been described as one being round in shape, having Amupam or Matchless Hue and the glow of lightening.

The Aakash Mukta has also been described as a Magical Cosmic Pearl, which fulfills all the wishes, hopes and aspirations of the wearer and protects from all kinds of natural calamities, accidents and harm from enemies.

Even though there is no reliable information about such Aakash Muktas or Pearls being in the possession of any person, the ancient Hindu Vedic Astrology Texts have given some indicators about the exact timing of the entry this Mythical Pearl from the Skies to the Earth.

The Magical Aakash or Pearl form the Clouds
Magical Aakash Mani

It is said that the Aakash Mukta  is created in the clouds and enters the world along the rains, which come on a Sunday during the specific period of the Pushya Nakshatra, the constellation of Delta Cancri or the Shravana Nakshatra or the constellation of Alpha Aquiloe as per the Hindu Lunar Calender.

Apart, from the normal Pearls, these ancient texts have described eight kinds of Pearls, which are said to possess most powerful paranormal and magical properties. These Pearls are among the most coveted of the Tantric Items and the Aakash Mani is one of these Magical Pearls.

Note- The Pearl shown in the image is not an Aakash Mani but and artistic image of the this Magical Pearl from the Clouds.


  1. Any information on how to check if a pearl is an Akash Mani or not ?

    1. It should appear to be as described in the post.
      However, there is no authentic information about any person being in the possession of the Aakash Mani.

    2. There are nine such divine Mani's. The pearl is said to be desired even by devtas. So whenever such a pearl falls, there's a high probability that a devata possessing supernatural powers has descended upon earth,and is also in hot pursuit of the fallen akash Mani. Now, think of a pearl which us desired by devtas so much that they descend upon earth in the hot pursuit of the pearl. Such a pearl is definitely can do wonders beyond the prowess of low grade devtas and beyond their limits. So, you are in for a competition, which involves not only competing with achieved tantrics,astrologists,and others with supernatural means but also devtas. You have to use paranormal means yourself to win the race. That is an average normal human will never reach it. You have to have a strategy laid out in case you encounter tantrics or aghoris or even devtas themselves. Devtas don't kill humans easily unless you don't make a mistake of provoking or committing a sin, a devta won't kill you. But, he will snatch away the pearl even if you had it in your hands, so you have to be wise. There are easy means to subjugate devtas even without encountering them face to face, you have to find the means out.So, you have to be accomplished and ready with a well laid strategy in case you encounter any of them. And akash money is real.

    3. That would be hell of a competition .nah? Devatas, tantrics, aghoris, astrologists,big businessmen who are into occultism,add to that, the world famous gemstone collectors who do know and acknowledge the existence of such pearls will also be in the race.

      So, well, you now know why you never hear about anyone finding the pearl. There's just too much competition and almost each one of them have supernatural means of reaching the pearl, the strongest class of competitors being devatas.

    4. The akash Mani is one of the few Mani's desired by devtas.Nag mani is over hyped,numerous and far easier to get than akash Mani, which is the rarest of all nine famed supernatural Mani's.

    5. And yes, other devatas could be tamed or controlled if you get the kamdev siddhi vashikran mantra accomplished.


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