Green Trees in Vastu Shastra for Removing Bad Energy

The Indian science of home architecture or Vastu Shastra considers green trees and plants to be very effective in repulsing bad and malefic vibrations from entering and circulating inside the house and creating a negative atmosphere. Green trees are specially recommended as a very simple and easy to practise remedy for laypersons who do not wish, do not have the time or cannot afford to perform other Vastu Dosha removal remedies.

Green trees are common in both Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, the Chinese Science of maintaining harmony and balance.  Vastu Shastra recommends that Cactus plants and plants emitting Milky Sap should as far as possible not be kept in the home.  Artificial Green Plants, which are pleasant and pleasing to the eye, can also, be placed inside the house instead of fresh plants.  However, Feng Shui has some very specific dos and don’ts, regarding the use of plants and trees inside a dwelling, which have already been described in some earlier articles. One such article can be seen here- Bonsai and Cactus in Feng Shui.

Bethlehem Lily in Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui
Green Plants in Vastu Shastra

Toran or a Decorative Door Hanging prepared using Green Leaves is a very common fixture on the entrance of most Hindu Homes in India. Ashoka, Peepal Aur Aam Ke Patte Ke Toran [Toran made from Ashoka, Sacred Fig or Mango Tree Leaves] are among the most commonly used Torans. Artificial Green Leaves Torans are also considered to be effective in repulsing harmful energy from entering and circulating inside the home.  Traditional Hindu Religion believes that putting a Toran on the main door of the house is an extremely effective way of welcoming Laxmi Mata inside the house.

Traditional Hindu religion preaches that the Tulsi Plant [Holy Basil Plant] should be planted or kept in the home or garden. The Tulsi Plant, which is identified with the Hindu Goddess of Wealth Laxmi has great importance in the Hindu religion and is widely used in many religious and Tantric rituals and Havans. The Tulsi Plant is has been attributed with many medicinal as well as paranormal properties, including cleansing and purification of a place. Some very simple remedies using the Tulsi Plant are given in an article published some years earlier, which can been seen here- Most Simple Home Remedies using the Tulsi Plant

It has also been observed that there are harmful streams full of bad and negative energy, which pass beneath the surface and affect the atmosphere above the surface, this may affect the people living above these harmful energy streams by adversely affecting their health and well being. Green trees help in repulsing this dull and malefic energy emitting from beneath the surface.


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