Significance of Famous Hanuman Mantra

This is a reply to  the letter published below, sent by a Reader giving some interesting information and significance about a very popular and famous Hanuman Mantra, which was published on this site a few years back. This Hanuman Mantra and the accompanying Tantra as mentioned in that particular post is a most powerful Hanuman Mantra Experiment to resolve any kind of problem, no matter how difficult, related to the job or employment and legal difficulties.  That post can be seen here- Hanuman Workplace Problems Mantra.

This Hanuman Mantra apart from what is attributed to it in the earlier post, is regularly chanted by Millions of Hindus to resolve almost any kind of problem, difficulty or obstacle, including those related to legal and court related matters, problems from harmful paranormal beings and ghosts, enemy trouble, shortage or lack of money and wealth, domestic and love or marriage related issues and for getting relief from diseases and ailments.

There are some slight variations in the wordings of the same Hanuman Mantra and the method of performing the Mantra Sadhana, but the meaning, significance and end result of the Mantra is the same. The Mantra invokes Hanuman in the name of Shri Ram to remove the difficulties of the chanter of the Mantra, just as Vibhishana did in the example included in the letter sent by the Reader

"Apropos to the subject Hanuman Mantra, I would like to bring to your notice that this is not a Mantra just for getting a job. Let me describe the story of this Mantra if you have time to hear or an eye for a message from an unknown person like me.

After making Vibhishana the king of Lanka, Sri Ram returned to Ayodhya but unfortunately, there were still some followers of Ravan or Rakshasas in Lanka, hence, Vibhishana asked Lord Sri Rama to help, Shriram replied that as he could not come every time, Vibhishana should pray to Hanuman who could reach Lanka in a blink since he was the Vayu Putra and could fly. Therefore, Vibhishana composed  a Strotra, which is called the Vibhishan Kruta Hanumath Strotra. This Mantra is the one, which he composed.

The Mantra - Markatesha Mahosaha Sarva Sokha Vinasaka: Satru Samhara Mam Rakshs Shriyam Da Payo Me Hari:
The Meaning - “Hey, monkey god who is always energetic, who is THE remover of all sorrows, please destroy my enemies and protect me: please come, your follower calls you, come as soon as possible; I call you in the name of  Hari (Sriram)”

The Strotra is a one-page praise of Lord Hanuman. I have been chanting the Stotra for almost 10 years now and it is simply fantastic. It can be used (Prayog) for all the difficulties one is facing considering those problems as the enemies.

This was for information and not to dishonor or defame. Sorry if I have troubled a noble soul like you who is bringing out so many great things for service of mankind.

I cannot type in Hindi unfortunately due to convent studies and English isn't right medium for Sanskrit, plz ignore typos.
Be blessed


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