Simple Paranormal Remedy to Recover Lent Money

I get regular dosage of mail from people who have lent money to a friend, relative, job colleague, business associate and that person is refusing or intentionally avoiding to pay back the loan.  In this post, I have described a really very simple to perform Indian Paranormal Remedy to recover the bad or difficult to recover debt. This remedy is known in the Hindi language as the Khoya/ Dube Dhan/Paisa ko Wapas Pane Ka Upay. Even though in the past, I have written about numerous remedies for the same purpose, I am still writing about this remedy because, I find it very interesting.

This Totka has to be practiced on any Wednesday, which falls in the Shukla Paksha or Bright Fortnight of the Hindu Lunar Month as per the Hindu Almanac/Panchang. The simple remedy to recover the lost money should be practiced as described below.

Take a tablet of Camphor [Kapur in the Hindi language and hold a clean steel plate a few inches above the Camphor tablet and then burn the Camphor tablet. Camphor tablets burn quickly and holding the steel plate over the burning Camphor tablet will enable the soot of the burning tablet [Kapur Ka Kajal in Hindi] to accumulate on the surface of the steel plate.

Then, take a white colored piece of paper and using a pointed wooden stick write the name of the person who owes you money on the piece of paper with the Camphor Soot. Then, keep the piece of paper under any heavy object.

This paranormal remedy is said to force the borrower repay the money he has taken from you and is refusing or intentionally avoiding to repay.

The practitioner should perform this onetime remedy, which takes hardly any time or effort with self-belief and intensity and imagine that you have left the borrower with no option other than to repay the lent sum of money.

This paranormal remedy can also be performed to recover business related money, which the businessperson is finding impossible to recover.

Success in this paranormal remedy depends upon the intensity with which it is practised by the practitioner.

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  1. For how many days should the paper be kept under weight.

    1. You can keep the paper under the weight until you get success in recovering your money.

    2. Any idea about seeing spirits in bedroom with like sheets on their head in my room? Demonic or Friendly? Was astral projecting and I saw them next to my brother in his room, looking at him. Thanks.

    3. Likely to be invisible entities, the atmosphere is filled with such energies, next time try to converse with them.

  2. Please tell us Whats is the maximum duration for good result????

  3. is this remedy has to be done during the day time or in the night time , please advise

    1. The Totka can be done on any time on the date prescribed in the post.

  4. How to remove that paper if it doesnt works or harm the debtor


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