On Acceptance of Donations By Gurus

This is an interesting article on the acceptance of Donations or Dakshina in return for Divine Knowledge or Mantra, Tantra and other paranormal services like Upay, Totke and Nuskhe sent by Prekshit Sharma.

By Prekshit Sharma
I pay respects to you for such a selfless thing of giving Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, Astrology, Vaastu knowledge and tips.

I know that selflessly helping and giving knowledge is a great thing, which only a few people like you do. Nevertheless, Sir, I really need to tell you, that when a person gives any knowledge, especially Para-normal knowledge, then he must accept donations.

I read what you wrote in one of your articles, that Mantras are not sold or bought, that is why we do not even accept donations.

I know that it is completely right what you said, but it is mentioned in our Ved-Puraan that We should take at least a particle as donation, but do take donation for giving divine knowledge to others. Like a Guru is selfless, he does not want that his Shishya gives him gold jewellery or money, but the Guru has to take some donation.

I had even read and heard it on TV also, that those who give knowledge of Mantra etc, Jyothish, or Vaastu, they must accept and take at least even one rupee as a donation. Otherwise, they become the Rini-ऋणी,  which means you will have the Rin, (karjaa) of those thousands of people who take knowledge from your website. Moreover, neither you get the fruit of helping, nor the people who take help from you.

Sir, my motive is not to make you greedy or such. Sir, like people like me and many others are not able to give donations. However, Sir, those who can give, their donation should be accepted.

Sir, I am not trying to be any mentor or teacher, as I am very small in front of your gratitude. Sir you can accept your donations by able people, and can give them in charity or good work, in case you feel that using the money donated for self is like a sin.

Sir, I only told what I heard on devotional TV channels, and what I read. Sir, now the rest is your wish. Sir, I have no knowledge as much as you do or anything great as much as you have. However, since I had heard it, so for your benefit and benefit of others also, as a sincere and responsible human, I told you. Rest is upon you, with I praying forever for your well being and good fortune with all the happiness and prosperity.


  1. Acceptance of Donations by Gurus. Prekshit Sharma - you are absolutely right, whoever is passing on spiritual knowledge and giving astrological knowledge, guidance and proposed action to take re pujas and sadhanas, it is in his/her karma to receive dakshina. Its the rightful to give Sadhaks, worshippers dakshina, otherwise their bad karma builds up or he/she has 'karz' over the person giving the knowledge.
    In the case of Mr Neel although he has passing knowledge, guidance and advise on doing prayogs/aradhana, jap tap etc, he is doing it via a social media mode of communication, it's not personal/personalised any one person. Many times there are lots of questions readers have asked and not all have been responded to. I myself have asked numerous times but haven't received a response, so of course, I haven't tried the prayog etc because I am scared. The reason for asking questions or clarification is that each person, whether in India or abroad, has a different circumstances. So there's not enough information for preparation or post shadhana/prayog undertaking. Some are well versed in this area and others are not.
    I do agree that there's an option for donation for Prophet666 (Mr Neel) the kind of information/high level of information given but clarity is not for the actual prayog etc but for passing on the information.
    Mr Neel thank you for the constant information you send us and always linking to previous articles or information.

  2. I think the advice given that donation should be accepted is not correct the taking of donation by gurus is mentioned only so that they can have money for their basic requirements and if basic requirements are fulfilled no donation should be accepted .these days various pandit and guru takes much higher than their basic needs and they are looked upon with contempt and lessor faith even these days no donation is accepted by Jain munis and nobody ask you to donate in gurudwars


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