Can Husband and Wife take Diksha from same Guru

Can a husband and wife take Diksha from the same Guru? Persons taking Diksha from the same Guru are said to to have a Brother-Sister relationship, then will the husband-wife taking Dishka be termed as Brother-Sister? These are some of the queries, I get from readers of this site on a regular basis.

To these readers, I have to say that this specific problem should not apply to a husband and wife who have taken Diksha from the same Guru. This is so because the relationships on the spiritual levels always transcend the material levels of existence and never effect the relationship of a husband and wife. They can continue with their physical relationship in the same manner as did before taking Guru Diksha from the same Guru and they will always remain as husband-wife and their relationship will turn into a brother-sister relationship.

However, this rule only applies to a husband and wife and not to the other disciples of the same Guru. In these cases, the relations between males and females will be always be that of Guru Bhai and Guru Bahen[Brother and Sister].

What is mentioned above relates only to the norms, existing in traditional Hindu religious practices and not to the new-age Gurkul cultures in which many a times it is seen that the Guru not only encourages physical relationships between his disciples but also takes a most active part in these activities.

Such Gurukuls take the easy way out because taming the senses is like taming the wind and it requires great effort and will-power. Would be disciples should always remember that a Guru who encourages and abets physical relations between his disciples is himself a victim of the Mayajaal of his senses. There is every chance that these new-age Guru Kuls might become morbid and turn the disciples into frustrated people or even criminals.

A prime example in recent times is that of Asaram Bapu who as everyone knows is being accused by his erstwhile disciples of severe crimes like molestation and rape.

I will not brand Asaram Bapu as a fraud and bogus Guru as is being done by many. However, in my opinion his entire being was overwhelmed by the senses of pleasure, which turned him into a sexual predator and criminal.

It is my advise that it is always better to remain without a Guru unless you are truly convinced that he or she has really transcended their senses. Readers should always keep in mind that there are very few persons who have conquered their senses in the true sense of the word. In future articles, I will explain how even those who have awakened their Kundalini and achieved Nirvana have succumbed before the pull of their senses.


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  2. if husband is already take diksha but wife in not then are they can't share their food? they can't eat their food in same thali? please answer me


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