Try This Indian Remedy to Quit Smoking

In this post, I have written about a simple yet effective traditional Indian remedy for quitting tobacco addiction. This easy to practice home remedy should be useful of those people who are addicted to cigarettes, beedies, cigars, paan contain tobacco, paan masala or chewing tobacco and trying to quit this harmful addiction.

Tobacco addiction is by far the most common and widespread addiction affecting a large chunk of the worlds population. This addiction is caused by nicotine, which is the primary addiction causing ingredient present in tobacco.  People trying to quit tobacco experience tension, anger, hunger, migraine and an urge to replace tobacco with some other addictive substance containing nicotine.

The cost effective home remedy is not only a harmless replacement for nicotine but is useful in making dull eyes radiant, increasing the energy levels of the tobacco addict and increase his or her enthusiasm.

Traditional Indian Remedy to Quit Smoking
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The remedy to quit the tobacco addiction- Take 100 grams of Fenugreek Seeds [Methi Ke Dane] in Hindi and soak them in salt water [1 teaspoon salt] overnight.

Then, the next morning remove the Fenugreek Seeds from the water and mix the juice of one Sour Lime[Nimboo] with the Fenugreek Seeds.

Then, spread the Fenugreek Seeds over a piece of cloth to dry, the Fenugreek Seeds can also be roasted in the a frying pan to remove the moisture.

Store the Fenugreek Seeds in a glass bottle and whenever you feel the urge to smoke a cigarette  or chew tobacco, put a few Fenugreek Seeds in your mouth and chew them. This puts and end to the urge and craving to smoke or chew tobacco.

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