Coconut Totka for Wealth and Prosperity

Many of you would have no doubt heard about the Totka practiced by priests, astrologers and Tantriks for getting or increasing Money, Abundance and Prosperity, which is practiced using a coconut wrapped in a red colored piece of cloth as a wealth attracting charm and kept in the house. It is among the most popular paranormal remedies practiced in India to get money and wealth and to get freedom from Debts.

In this post, I have described a simple, uncomplicated and cost-effective method of performing this Dhan-Prapti Aur Karz Mukti Upay at home without the services of a priest or Tantrik.

If desirous of performing this Totka yourself, you have to follow the steps mentioned below.
1] Perform this Laxmi Prapti Puja on any Monday.
2] Take a Copper Puja Thali and keep it on a new red colored piece of cloth and place some wheat grains in the Thali.
3] Take a Coconut and keep it in the Puja Thali with the upper coir intact and facing upwards.
4] Offer Kunkum, a Stick of Turmeric[Haldi], Ashtagandha, sweet smelling flowers to the Coconut.
5] Light a Pure Ghee Diya and a couple of Agarbatti in-front of the Puja Thali.
5] Apply some sweet smelling perfume [Attar] on the Coconut and worship it sincerely and ask it to bless you the desired abundance and prosperity.
6] Then chant the Laxmi Beej Mantra-  ॐ श्रीं नमः - Om Shreem Namah – 21 times with devotion and faith.
7] Lastly, wrap the Coconut in the red cloth and keep it in your Puja Place or Altar, if they are not present in your home, then keep the Coconut in any clean place in the house.

The Wheat can be fed to a cow or immersed in water along with the flowers and the Haldi Stick, which have been used for the Lakshmi Akarshan Puja.

A similar kind of Dhan-Vardhak Upay was published earlier in this post- Money Enhancing Remedy


  1. Namaskar Guruji

    Can I use a copper lota if I dont have a plate

  2. Guruji what is ashtagandha? Is it the same which is available in market as ashtaganda chanen kesar powder? Please tell me this.

  3. Guruji Pranaam i am jobless for last more then 1 year, before that also if i got job that too for very less amount and low profile, not getting job of my matching profile. I have read few remadies which you have writen in your different posts. i.e. laxmi mantra, jain mantra and this coconut. Which remady should i follow to get fast result. I am the only earning person at home and my parents are too old. Please advice and also tell what is Ashaganda. Is it in the form of powder which is chanden keser ashagandha or agarwati. Please guide me.

  4. Guruji one more thing, if i start laxmi ji wala jap which has to be continue for 42 day and if i go inbetween of jap days out of town can i continue it there or i would have to complete it at my home only.

    1. You can continue it there. It is left to the readers to decide, which remedy suits them best and whether to follow it or not.
      Information about ashtagandha is easily available anywhere, including the net.

  5. Guruji after doing this coconut pooja should we immersed ashtaganda and kumkum also aling with haldi, flower and wheat. If ashtaganda and kumkum is left with coconut in the red cloth will it give the same result or we have to perform this pooja again

    1. There will be no problem if traces of the ashtagandha and kumkum remain on the coconut.


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