Hanuman Mantra to Immediately Exorcise Evil Energies

This Shabar Haanuman Mantra has been described in Shabar Mantra texts as a Mantra, which shows immediate results in exorcising any kind of evil energy, including bad and harmful energies resulting from attacks by demons, ghosts, evil spirits vampires and similar beings and also from evil-eye and harmful black magic spell cast by an evil-spell-caster.

The Hanuman Mantra should be Mastered specially on the midnight of Narak Chaturdashi, which falls on the Chaturdashi or the 14th day of the Dark Half of the Lunar Fortnight. This day is also called as Kali Chaudas and it is normally the second day of the Hindi festival of Diwali.

On this day at Midnight,  the practitioner should go to a Hanuman Mandir, which is situated in a lonely and isolated place and where the chances of being disturbed are minimum.

There, he show offer a Prasad of 1.15 kilograms of Boondi Ladoo and 5 Betel leaves[Paan] with 5 Supari[Betel Nuts] kept on them, to the Hanuman Murti in the temple.

Then, he should chant the Shabar Hanuman Mantra for 108 Mantra Repetitions, using a Rudraksha Japa Mala. The practitioner should also keep in mind the Hanuman Mantra should be fully memorized by heart in order to Master the Mantra.

ॐ नमो हनुमान हटीला रंगीला छबीला,  मैं हूँ तुम्हारा चेला, तुम बड़े मस्तान में रहो अकेरा वज्र की कोठडी वज्र का ताल नजर करो दरियाव लंका जैसी खाई लंका खाई लंका छोडो पडलंका भीम का मूल मांडिया हमारा काम करो |
ना करो तो सती सीतामाता का चीर काटो बचन साँचा चलो हनुमंत ईश्वरो वाचा |
Om Namo Hanuman Hatilaa Rangilaa Chhabilaa, Maim Hoom Tumharaa Chela, Tum Bade Mastaan Mem Raho Aakeraa Vajra Ki Kothadi Vajra Kaa Taal Najar Karo Dariyaava Lanka Jaisi Khaee Lanka Khaee Lanka Chhodo Padalanka Bheem Kaa Mool Maandiya Hamaraa Kaam Karo |
Naa Karo To Sati Sitamata Ka Cheer Kaato Bachan Saanchaa Chalo Hanumant Ishvari Vaachaa |

The Shabar Tantra says that performing the above Mantra Experiment just one on the specified day will free the practitioner with immediate effect from the clutches of any kind of demonic entity, no matter how powerful.


  1. Hello Neel Sir
    Can this mantra work for Rahu also.PLEASE HELP AND PLEASE REPLY ALSO.

    1. It should also work for removing harmful energies from bad plants, including Rahu.

  2. Sir, can this be used for others to relieve them from evil energies? Please help.


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