Mantra to go Anywhere Fearlessly

This is another one of the Shabar Atmaraksha Mantras to shield and defend oneself from harm while on the move and go anyplace and anywhere fearlessly. As can be seen from the wordings, the self-preservation Mantra, which has been composed in simple Hindi language seek to protect all the body parts, like the hands, feet, neck, back, stomach from any kind of harm from any possible source, including unseen paranormal sources.

ॐ नमो कामरु कामाख्या देवी कहाँ जाने को हुआ मेरा मन आत्मरक्षा बंदि होऊ सावधान सिर हाथ दहंत और बंधन गर्दन पेट पीठ बंधन और बंधन चरण अष्टांग बाँधू मनसा के वरदान करा सके उमा के बान | कामाख्या वह होऊ | अमर आदेश हाडी दासी चंडी को दुहाई |
Om Namo Kaamru Kaamaakhyaa Devi Kahaan Jaane Ko Hua Mera Man Atmaraksha Bandi Hou Savadhan Sir Hath Dahant Aur Bandhan Gardan Pet Peeth Bandhan Aur Bandhan Charan Ashtang Baandhoo Manasaa Ke Vardaan Karaa Sake Uma Ke Baan | Kaamaakhyaa Vaha Hou | Amar Aadesh Haadi Daasi Chandi Ko Duhai |

This simple Mantra should be memorized by heart so as to Master and use it whenever one leaves his home.

To use the Mantra, the practitioner should chant it 7 times after taking out 2 ½ steps outside his home.

Note- the Shabar Atmaraksha Mantra invokes the Goddess Kamakhya to sheild and preserve the body from any kind of harm, accident or danger.


  1. Respected guruji,
    How do I say this mantra for my 4 year old daughter who goes to school daily? What is 2 and 1/2 steps? Your reply will help greatly.
    Thank you.

    1. You can chant the Mantra for your child, it means after you take Dhai Kadam outside the house.

  2. Guruji is the mantra prayog useful to defend and stop bhaanamati .i mean to shield all prayoga done against us.


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