Body Pain Removal By Salt Mantra

This is a Siddha Shabar Body Pain Removal Mantra, which is said to work, if chanted with full commitment and faith in the working of the Mantra.

The Mantra Sadhana to give relief to someone who is suffering from physical pain due to sickness or disease is very simple and should work instantly if the practitioner practices it without keeping any kind of expectation of reward, money or even praise in his or her mind.

To practice the Mantra- Take a pinch of salt in the right hand and chant the Mantra given below 3 times, in order to infuse the salt with the healing powers of the Shabar Mantra. Replace the word – Amuk- अमुक,  given in brackets in the Mantra with the name of the patient, if the practitioner is himself the patient, he or she should add their own name.

उसपार आती बुढिया छुवारी तिसके काँधे पै सरकी पिटारी |
कौन शर बाण सुशर कुपोरा शर समान |
[अमुक] के अंग की पीर लौटी फिरे तो उसके कलेजे तीर |
ईश्वर महादेव की दुहाई चलो मंत्र ईश्वरी वाचा |
Uspaar Aati Budhiaa Chhuaari Tiske Kaandhe Pai Saraki Pitari |
Koun Shar Baan Shushar Kuporaa Shar Samaan |
[Amuk] Ke Aang Ki Peer Louti Feere To Uske Kaleje Teer |
Ishvar Mahadev Ki Duhai Chalo Mantra Ishvari Vaachaa |

Then, give the Mantra Abhimantrit Salt to the patient to eat, if the practitioner, is the patient, then, he should eat the salt. This concludes the Mantra Experiment for getting or giving relief from body pain.


  1. How many days to do this procedure???

  2. pranam sir, would like to know if it is ok if one exceeds the number of mantra chants for example if a mantra need 41 chants is it ok if it crosses the required number
    also can one chant two different mantras in a given period to make the effect double. example two different vashikaran mantras maybe one in the morning and the other in the evening .....many thanks

    1. It is ok, if the number of chants are exceeded.
      It is better not to chant two mantra having the same end purpose.
      Next time please post your comments on the concerned posts only.

  3. Hi Neel, very informative content you host, there many Shabar Mantras, I found only couple of mantras hosted, can you please add more so I can get the indepth information on how to clear all your worries, stress and pain through Shabar Mantra. Request you kindly give your inputs.


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