Mantra to Make Body of Enemy Pain

This Mantra, which is given by me in this post is a Tamas Guni or Dangerous Mantra, which is called in the Hindi language as the Shatru Ke Sharir Ko Vedna Dene Ka Mantra or a Mantra to make the body of an enemy pain. This is one of the protective Shabar Mantras, which are normally used for defensive purposes only, to distract the attention of an enemy who is hell-bent upon harming the Spell-Caster.

Siddhi Sadhana-
The Mantra has to be Mastered during the period of Grahan Kaal[full or partial solar or lunar eclipse] or the festivals of Holi or Diwali.

The Siddhi Sadhana should be conducted by chanting the Mantra 10008 times using a Rudraksha Counting Rosary, while performing the Siddhi Sadhana, the practitioner should see to it that he is not disturbed of distracted and the Mantra Chanting should be done continuously so as to conclude the Siddhi Sadhana in one-go.

ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं त्रपुर वहरू वीर मम शत्रु [ अमुकस्य ] पीड़ा कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ||
Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Trapur Vahuru Veer Mam Shatru [ Amukasya] Peeda Kuru Kuru Swaha ||

The Prayog Vidhi
The Spell-Caster should pick up some dust/mud from under the exact spot where the footprints of the right leg of the enemy are visible.

Then, the Spell-Caster should then take 7 Karelas[ Bottle Gourd] and slit each of the horizontally and stuff the dust/mud from under the enemy’s  foot inside each of the Karelas.

Then, he should tie a thread on each of the Karelas.

After this, he should pick up a Karela by the thread and hold it over a flame/fire and chant the Mantra 7 times.

The same procedure should be repeated with each of the remaining 6 Karelas.

While performing the Siddhi Sadhana and the actual experiment to give body pain to the enemy the word- amukasya-अमुकस्य should be replaced by the name of the enemy who has to be given body pain.

Each of the Karelas should be heated until they turn blackish and after the Mantra Experiment they should be disposed of by burying them or putting them in a public garbage disposal bin.

Note – As you can seen the Mantra invokes a paranormal entity called the Trapur Veer to make the body of the enemy pain. However, the Spell-Caster should not think about this entity while performing the Siddhi Sadhana or the actual Mantra Prayog.


  1. You really should move onto other subjects rather than these harmful tantra mantras. I enjoy this website but I do not permit to knowing such acts. Knowledge of this kind of stuff will only make one think more deeply into such things leading themselves into maya and selfish acts. Please post some satwic prayers for purification i'm sure that's when God will be really happy... Because in the end of the day that's why we're on this planet.

  2. If you face enemy trying to harm you by words or by black magic then you'll not comment like this and to avoid enemy's attention towards him doing this type of enemy spells is mandatory for that sufferer incl fear of death that time immediately started good level of Bhakthi also is not sufficient to defence against his enemy spell so God created everything including This article like spell and sufferer as the right to punish the enemy that's why in Kings time few goods kings asked the suffered person to what kind of punishment would you like to give him? Better you - Read "Shiv on Maran Mantras" Article for understanding from "Shiva" Himself is in "Mantras for Enemies" section.

    1. Hi, I understand what you're saying and in a sense it is true. But then again isn't it in God's will whether to take ones life or not. In this world we should not even use the word 'Enemy' we should live and let live. The suffering may be caused by karma from a past life. With these specific prayers one will undoubtedly ruin there karma much more to an extent at which they won't even know from right and wrong hence why its called a 'dangerous' mantra. It's pure evil to practise these and it should be condoned at every cost it's not fair to ruin another persons life even if they're bad or not. People change and yes people have the power to help others and thats through pure meditation and healing not tantra mantra. It's best to stay protected by a trustworthy Guru and pray to Ram, Krishna, Sai baba, Ganesh and most importantly Hanuman. And conduct services for ones planets as well as they're leading factors. I whole heartedly understand that the owner posts these tantras for education purposes but then again people take them the wrong way and actually want to conduct such sadhnas. There are loads of ways to remove such things its just that these categorised ones are just not the ones to mess around with. And i'm sure the owner fully understands this and even leaves notices but people are too attached to maya and let their curiosity get the best of them. Jai Shri Krishna

  3. Sorry but Both things are right.

    1. They are! But both ways are the opposites of each other. Ones tamsik and the other is satvic. But I guess due to kalyug most people opt for the tamsik one. It really just depends on the way you see it and the angle you see it from. Jai Shri Krishna

  4. Means "Lord Shiva" is also Wrong as per angle to see and i'm not using any enemy spell but i can underatand, Good bye

  5. Please post knowledge about mystic entity like trapur veer


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