Predicting Future from Buttocks of Women

The ancient Indian texts on astrology and future predictions have described certain specific characteristics or traits, which aid in the determination of the future of an individual from the structure and composition of that individuals body. In this post, I have written about the features of the hips or buttocks of a woman, which are taken into consideration, while determining her possible future life. These traits are among those described in the chapter of Nitamb Lakshan or traits of the buttocks of an individual.

1] If the buttocks of a woman are high, full and rounded and enclosed in 24 fingers, then she is the darling wife of a king or a very wealthy and powerful man.  Such a woman will always be surrounded by the riches of life, including plenty of servants.

2] If the buttocks of a woman are devoid of flesh, dry and lifeless, flattish or large, widespread, or having the shape of a cart or very small and hairy is likely to live longer than her husband.

3] The woman having radiant and reddish-pink colored buttocks will give her husband as many  lovemaking  opportunities as he likes. The woman possessing large, rounded and elevated buttocks will always give lots of Kaamsukh [physical pleasure] to her husband and keep him fully satisfied.

The section on Jandha Lakshan or traits of the thighs contains the following interesting information-
1] If one hair grows from the hair follicles on the thighs of a woman, she is or will become very rich and wealthy,

2] If two hair grow from the hair follicles on her thigh, the woman will enjoy wealth and abundance and the riches of life.

3] If three hair come out from the hair follicles of the thigh that woman will out-live her husband.

Notes- The future of any person depends upon multiple factors of which body-parts are just one of the components. For more information, see more descriptions of predictions by body parts, in the section on- Future Tantra


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