Vashikaran By Attar Paan or Phool Mantra

This Vashikaran By Attar,  Paan or Phool Mantra is another one of the many Indian Voodoo Attraction Experiments for captivating the attention of any wished for person for the purpose of love, affection or marriage. The Vashikaran Mantra makes the use of either a Pefrume-Ittar or Attar, Betel-Nut-Paan and Phool-Flower to cast the Occult Vashikaran Spell on the desired beloved.

The Siddhi or Mastery over the Vashikaran Mantra is gained by completely memorizing the Vashikaran Mantra given below by heart. The word- Amuki-अमुकी is to be replaced with the name of the person who is desired to be put under the Vashikaran Spell.

मोहनी जोहनी दोनो बहीन | चलगे मोहनी कबरू के देस | चलत में हाट में बाट में मोहै कुबान पानिहारिन |  मोहै सिंहासन चढी कै राजा | मोहै डोला चढि कै रानी | मोहै से मोहन मोहनी | “अमुकी" को मेरे बस में कर मोहनी रोम रोम भीजी जाय | दुहाई ईश्वर महादेव कि दुहाई गौरा पारबती माता की | दुहाई नैना जोगन की | दुहाई सतगुरु के बंदी पाऊँ |
Mohani Johani Dono Bahin | Chalage Mohani Kabaroo Ke Des | Chalat Mem Haat Mem Baat Mem Mohai Kuban Paanihaarin | Mohai Simhaasan Chadi Kai Raja |  Mohai Dola Chadhi Kai Rani | Mohai Se Mohan Mohani | “Amuki” Ko Mere Bas Mem Kar Mohani Rom Rom Bhiji Jaay | Duhai Ishvar Mahadev Ki Duhai Goura Paarbati Mata Ki | Duhai Naina Jogan Ki | Duhai Satguru Ke Bandi Paaun |

Once this is done, any one of the three infusion ingredients can be infused by holding it in the right hand and chanting the Vashikaran Mantra once with full concentration and belief.

If using the perfume, the perfume bottle should be infused and the perfume should be applied on your own body, the smell of the perfume will make the targeted person come under your Vashikaran Spell.

If using the Paan, it should be given to the targeted person to eat, once that person eats it, he or she will come under the Voodoo influence of the practitioner.

If using the flower, it should just be given to the desired person to wear, smell or keep, in order to bind that person under the Vashikaran Spell.


  1. how many times we have to chant

    1. It is clearly mentioned that the Siddhi is gained by completely memorizing the mantra by heart.

  2. Neel ji can I start any satvik or rajsik or tamsik in 8 days before Holi, please reply.

    1. Yes, you can do it, if the specific period for the Sadhana is not mentioned.

    2. Neel ji, I heard today that In some Scriptures "Holastak" is only effected to Shath rudra, Vipasha, Eeravathi & Pushkar Thirth Sthan and Including Punjab with Uttar Bharath Area otherthan this No where is effected told by Shelendra pandey ji who is Good Jyothish before it I believe him a Shiv Bhakth(I understand), My Heart told me to Share I'm sharing Sir, I n think you thought by seeing my name I'm North Indian you replied me that, Sorry sir, if I have done any mistake.
      One thing I want to tell you sir because if You and Shelendra Pandey ji I cured my Nervous System Weakness or Disorder which was Extreme with Insomnia Completely in 1&1/2 half year doctor told me it takes 3-4 years, THANK YOU SIR

  3. Neel ji please reply me my lover is not with me from one and half year he is not talking with i can do this vashikaran..please guruji i need him i love him very much small misunderstanding is the reason for avoiding me..please suggest me

    1. Please chant daily one rosary of surya mantra,replacing amukam with your lover's name-
      Om namo Bhagwate Shri Sooryaay,hreem Sahasrakirnaay
      eim atulbal-paraakramaay navgrah-das-dikpaal laxmee
      daivtaay dharm-karm sahitaay (amukam) naathay naathay
      mohay mohay aakarshay aakarshay daasaanudaasam
      kuru kuru vasham kuru kuru swaahaa.
      (chant at least one fortnight}

  4. Agar 10 baar japne se mantar poora yaad hogaya toh kya itne me hi kaam chalega kya

  5. Ye attar wala mantra agar mujhe 10 ya 20 baar me poora yaad rehgaya toh kya itne baar hi japna hoga ya aur bhi jyada baar ? please bataiye.

    1. One you remember the Mantra by heart, you can use it in actual practice, as mentioned in the post.

  6. Neelji this perfume should be apply on the body at the mantra chanting time or at the time of meeting with desire person

  7. Once mantra is by heart then how many times have to chant by holding any one of three things, please tell me this.

  8. I have chant OM HRIM KALI mantra 1 lakes times but after that i find my love has gone far away from me, now he is not even taking my call, now if i chant this above writen mantra will he talk to me and come to meet me? Please suggest

    1. All these things are mentioned in the post, the perfume should be applied while going to meet the desired person. The Object have to be infused by chanting the Mantra once.
      The last point is off-topic.

    2. Neel Sir, i m unmarried and in love with a martied man, when he proposed me at that time he told me that he is not happy with his married life so will divorse her, but now he went back to his wife and made me alone. Now i want him back as i m in true love with him. He refuse to talk even and not taking my call, if i do this jaap will he call me again, will he come to me again. I want to marry him. Plz suggest


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