Prophecies of Nostradamus on Modi 2017

First it was the Union Minister of State Kiren Rijiju and now it is a senior BJP leader Kirit Somaiya who has linked Narendra Modi with the future prophecies and prediction of Nostradamus. Much before Narendra Modi became a national figure, I had mentioned, in my interpretation of some of the prophecies of Nostradamus, specially those contained in Century 1-61 and Century 9-44,  as being linked to the identity of the Indian leader predicted by Nostradamus.

When it comes to decoding the identity of this leader prophesied by Nostradamus, Modi is most certainly the prime candidate in 2017 and is on his way to fulfilling the predictions made by Nostradamus on India.

Three other important pointers to the identity of this great leader are-
1] The demise of Pakistan- The great Indian leader will completely eradicate the ever-present threat and menace of Pakistan, which has been faced by India, ever since independence. This is also based on my interpretations of some very disturbing prophecies made by Nostradamus on the total annihilation of the Pakistani province of the Punjab. These prophecies can be seen here -
Nostradamus on the war in Punjab
Nostradamus Prophecies of the Destruction of Pakistan

2] Re-emergence of Hinduism- Under this great leader, there will be a re-emergence of Hinduism as the “way of life envisioned by God”. This again is based upon my interpretations of some other prophecies linking the great leader to the rise of Hinduism as a primary religion, which is a shinning light to the rest of the world trying to discover the true meaning of God and life. The emergence of new leaders like the new Chief Minister of UP Yogi Adityanath, is a sure-shot sign that Modi is on the right path. Some of these leaders will surely carry forward the agenda of this leader.
These prophecies can be seen here - Nostradamus Prophecies on India

3] Full control over India- The great leader will gain full control over all parts of India, so as to change it for the better. This means, there will be an end of the dynastic/single-person rule, which has and is still shaping the future of India in some states. More on this can be seen here - The Future Changes in India

As pointed out earlier, most of the prophecies and predictions made by Nostradamus are interlinked and a part of a much larger plan of drastic changes, which are enviable. Each part of this plan, no matter how small or insignificant it appears acts like a trigger to push the future of India in a particular direction.

The great Indian leader predicted by Nostradamus is an agent of change and should never by confused with Kalki Avatar, the last of the 10 Avatars of Bhagwan Vishnu, who will  be possessed with great super-human and paranormal powers. It is Kalki Avatar[seen by devote Christians as the “second coming of Christ”] who will be the global or world leader.


  1. Modi is definately the person foretold by Nostradamus.
    Modi will destroy Pakistan and the Hindu religion will reach its zenith under Modi Sarkar.
    It is good that you mention young upcoming Hindu leaders like Yogi Adityanath, they are the future of India and will free it from the cluthes of foreign religions.

  2. I have a new novel I think you'll love. It's about a secret society that makes sure Nostradamus' predictions come true. Check out The First Face of Janus.


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