Vashikaran Magic Powder Love Spell

In this post, I have described the method used by Tantriks who practice the Black Magic Arts to cast a Vashikaran Magic Powder Spell using a Voodoo Vashikaran Powder.  This spell is cast to entrance and fascinate any person for any purpose, including love, marriage, finance, work or commercial activity.

The Tantra is frightening as the Vashikaran Powder is comprised of a mixture of the body parts of certain innocent birds.

Making the Vashikaran Powder-
Take the following body parts of birds, mentioned below and burn then to an ash and keep the ash aside.
The wings of a crow.
The a couple of feathers of a peacock.
The head of a Hudhud Bird, common English name of this bird is Hoopoe.

Then, before Suryodaya[Sunrise] on any Sunday, pick up the mud from any Chouraha[street corner, which is the meeting place of four roads].

Come back to your house and mix the mud with the ash of the bird body parts to prepare a fine Vashikaran Powder.

If you wish to use the Vashikaran Powder, you should take a little bit of the Powder and mix it with a little bit of your own spit and secretly  apply it on the body of the man or woman who you wish to captivate under a Voodoo Vashikaran Spell.

Notes- Information about this Vashikaran Totka is contained in the scriptures. This site does not endorse harming any innocent bird or animal for any purpose, including paranormal purposes.

There is no need for chant any Infusion Mantra as this is a stand-alone Vashikaran Spell.


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