Money Attracting Remedy Using Lotus Flower

Most Hindus would have in their home an image or an idol of the Goddess of Wealth, Money and Abundance Lakshmi Devi, either sitting or standing on a Lotus Flower[Kamal Ka Phool in Hindi] and holding a Lotus Flower/Flowers in her hand/hands.  The Lotus Flower, since time-immemorial has been always considered to be a most auspicious and holy flower in the Hindu religion and apart from Laxmi Mata, it is connected to many other important Hindu deities.

The Creator Brahma and the Goddess of Learning and Knowledge are also show as sitting on a Lotus Flower. The Sun God [Surya Deva] is also shown as holding the Lotus Flowers in both his hands.  Apart from, its immense religious importance, the Lotus is also the national Flower of India.

In this post, I would like to tell readers, how to perform a most simple Totka or paranormal remedy to attract and increase the flow of money and finances into their homes or business and make their business bloom like the Lotus.  This remedy is so simple that anyone person can effortlessly perform it without wasting time and money.

The Money Attraction Remedy using Lotus Flower-  On any Friday, take a full body bath in the morning, wear fresh and clean clothes  and then bring home a Lotus Flower. The Lotus Flower can be purchased from a florist or plucked from a lotus plant.

Then, wrap the Lotus Flower in a piece of red colored cloth and keep it is the cash box, safe, money storage cupboard or any place, which is used for storing money and valuables.

That is all that has to be done, there is no requirement for any kind of Mantra-Prarthana chanting or any other form of worship needed in order to perform this money attracting remedy.

In case the Lotus Flower gets damaged after some time, it should be immersed in flowing water and replaced with another flower on any Friday.

The only thing that the practitioner should keep in mind is that he should be honest and straight forward in his business dealings and not cheat and deceive any person. The practitioner should remember that among the numerous qualities attributed to the Lotus, purity is probably the most important.


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