Protective Talisman using Peacock Bone

In this post, I have described the method of preparing a Protective Talisman using a Peacock Bone, which is infused with a rare and unheard of Shabar Suraksha Mantra. This Mor Ke Haddi Ka Atma-Raksha Taveez as it is called in the Hindi language is said to give protection from black-magic, evil spell cast by a spell-caster, evil-eye and ghostly and demonic entities, including Jakhini, Dakini, Chetuk and Bhoot-Pret-Pishacha.

The preparation and infusion ritual for this Protective Talisman is very simple and is described thus- To prepare the talisman, take a small piece of any bone of a Peacock and stitch it inside a black colored piece of cloth to prepare a cloth Taveez. If you do not wish to prepare the Taveez, insert the peacock bone inside a metal locket made from copper.

Then, the metal or cloth talisman should be held in the hand and bound by the Suraksha Rakshak Mantra, by chanting the Mantra 21 times. The Shabar Infusion Mantra is given below.

ॐ अचल गोसाँई बन खंडे राय चोरन झंखे बाध न लाय सोते सर्व न धाले धृत जिणवायाँ जिनदा हिना फिरफिर वायां होय अचल गोसाँई क्षमार्ता मेरी काया नाश ना होए के शोराय सदा सहाय तीन लोक को माखन खावा कीड़ा काँटा दिया बहाय आलेख आलेख बजरंगी सदा सप्तरंगी ||
Om Aachal Gosaamee Ban Khande Raaya Choran Jhamke Baadh Na Laaye Sote Sarva Na Dhaale Dhrut Jinavaayaam Jinada Hina Firfir Vaayaam Hoye Aachal Gosaamee Kshamaartaa Meri Kaaya Naash Naa Hoye Ke Shooraaya Sadaa Sahaaya Teen Lok Ko Maakhan Khaavaa Kidaa Kaantaa Diya Bahaaya Aalekh Aalekh Bajrangi Sadaa Saptrangi ||

Then, finally the Mantra Infused Talisman should be worn around the neck or on the upper forearm of the right hand, in order to come under the Protective Voodoo Spell of this Peacock Bone Talisman.


  1. Hello Sir, How R U?
    I want to know how much time does it takes for any Charm/Talisman to start giving results?
    Thank You.


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