Did Nostradamus Really Predict the Rise of Donald Trump

There is a lot of talk about the possible prophecies and predictions made by Nostradamus on the American President Donald Trump. Most of the interpretations have, it appears searched the Centuries of Nostradamus for variations of the word “Trump” like,  “false trumpet” “the trumpet” “sound of the trumpet” “summoned by trumpet”.

The interpreters, have then attempted to piece together the prophecies given in all those Quatrains, which contain the variations of the word “Trump” and have somehow given it a meaning to get them linked to Donald Trump.

Apart from the main key-word Trump, some other interpretations like the one of the “shameless audacious bawler” and “governor of the army” are too generalized to be linked to Donald Trump and can easily be applied to many other rulers or leaders of the past.

Nostradamus Prophecy of the rise of Donald Trump as Global Monarch

There are some who have linked Donald Trump to “The Third Antichrist” predicted by Nostradamus. The description of the Third Antichrist is contained in the related Quatrains of Nostradamus and the most acceptable one is that the Third Antichrist, will be a person of a Brown or Dark complexion. This could also mean that the Third Antichrist will be a Non-American, now that Barak Obama is out of the equation.  The location of the most likely places where the Third Antichrist will first be visible are those which resemble modern day Asia.

Image of the Prophet Nostradamus Visualizing US President Donald Trump

But this is not to say that Donald Trump was not prophesied at all by Nostradamus. It is most likely that Donald Trump is the possible trigger, which heralds in the long-awaited Battle of Armageddon or the Third World War. The identity of the most likely and acceptable trigger “Mabus” is yet to be decoded. In all likelihood Mabus will be a very important American leader.

All in all, as of today, I find most of the interpretation of the Quatrains, which are said to be descriptive of Donald Trump to be uncertain, vague and hazy. It is possible that a clear-cut description might surface in the near future, until them it is unclear, whether, Nostradamus really predicted the rise of Donald Trump.


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