Vashikaran Sadhana to Control Death

There is a simple to practice Indian Paranormal Remedy from the Ullu Tantra, which is a work on the uses of the owl and its body parts in Occult Practices. This remedy as per the Ullu Tantra is said to bring death under the control of the practitioner or Mrityu Vashikaran as it is called in the Hindi language.

The Vashikaran Totka mentioned above is very simple and uncomplicated to practice, but it would be prudent to add that I have not tried or tested this Mrityu Vashikaran Totka myself nor have I heard about anyone gaining success in averting death by controlling the mystical powers, which trigger it off in any living being, including humans.

There are some authentic reports of Sadhus and Yogis living in the most remote regions of the Himalayan Range, who are said to have existed for centuries. It is most likely that such Sadhus would have gained Siddhi through some very difficult and secret Tantrik Sadhanas and Mantra Experiments.

The Mrityu Vashikaran Totka-
1] It can be practiced on any day at any time because the Ullu Tantra does not recommend any specific or auspicious dates or timings.
2] An owl has to be captured and its heart has to be separated from the body and mixed with Gorochana to prepare a very fine paste.
3] The Ullu Tantra says that if the practitioner applies this paste like an eye-liner[Kajal] in his eyes, even death will become Vishibhut [come under a spell of attraction] with the practitioner and this will increase the life span of the practitioner.

There is another mention in the Tantra about the same Vashikaran Totka, using the same Vashikaran paste, which has been described below.

This mention says that applying the same paste as an eye-liner in the eyes will make any person whom the practitioner makes eye-contact with instantly come under a strong Vashikaran Spell and become submissive and come under the total control of the practitioner. Such a person, be it a man or woman will do whatsoever the practitioner desires.

Note- The Ullu Tantra has not prescribed or recommended any Infusion Mantra nor any kind of Vashikaran Puja-Vidhi for performing the Vashikaran Experiments described by me in this post.

This is an Aghori and Tamsik Vashikaran Sadhana as it involves killing an owl and making the use of its heart.


  1. Hello Sir,I want some suggestion from you but don't know where to post. So I am just posting here. In my kundli there is Brahmaan/Guru Shraap as Brihaspati is in neech(makar) rasi and Rahu in Dhanu rasi in Lagan.Please tell some mantra or any remedy to get rid of this Brahmaan dosha.

  2. For Hindi readers it is Ullu Tantra,in Sanskrit it is Ulluk Tantra

  3. Sir can we do mantra sadhana and pratyaksh darshan sadhana in a day , that means multiple sadhanas may b 2 or more at same time


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