Mantras to Walk on Fire or Oil

The Shabar Mantras, which have been described by me in this post are said to be magical Mantras, which give the practitioner the supernatural and paranormal powers to walk on fire or blazing oil, to dip his hands in boiling oil or hold any hot and burning thing in his hands without being burnt and injured.  The Shabar Vidya Tantra further says that the practitioner will not even feel the extreme heat, when performing the dangerous feats mentioned above.

There are two different Mantras given below, the practitioner can select any one of the the Mantras and chant it 10,000 times in order to gain Siddhi over the Mantra. A Rudraksha Japa Mala is best suited for this purpose.

The Siddhi Prayog should be done on an auspicious Hindu Tithi, Shubh Muhurat, Grahan Kaal, which is the period of any full or partial Solar or Lunar Eclipse or any festival like Holi, Diwali or Navratri.

1] मन्त्र
ॐ लोहा जउन प्रजलै को भाव हो, चरुवा के दार का लोहा परैत सारू |
अग्नि स्तम्भनं |
ॐ ह्रीं महिषवाहिनी जम्भय, मोहय, छेदय, अग्नि स्तम्भय, अग्नि स्तम्भय, ठः ठः |
श्री महादेव की अग्या, हनुमान की आग्या, नारायण सूर्य की आग्या |
Om Loha Jaun Prajalai Ko Bhaav Ho, Charuvaa Ke Daar Ka Loha Parait Saaroo |
Agni Stambhanam |
Om Hreem Mahishavaahini Jambhaya, Mohaya, Chhedaya, Agni Stambhaya,  Agni Stambhaya, Thaah Thaah |
Shri Mahadev Ki Aagyaa, Hanuman Ki Aagyaa, Narayan Surya Ki Aagyaa |

ॐ अग्नी दहन्ती को धरै, समह वहै, कलाह तापिनी ताप चोरी, इष्टि द्रव्यमते अस्थभ |
श्री महादेव की आज्ञा |
Om Agni Dahanti Ko Dharai, Samaha Vahai, Kalaaha Taapini Taap Chori, Ishti Dravyamate Asthabha |
Shri Mahadev Ki Aagyaa |

For actual use in any of the fire related experiments mentioned above, the practitioner has to first chant the Mantra, which has been Mastered by him for 108 Mantra Chants.

Notes- This is and extreme and dangerous Mantra Experiment, which is only suitable for advanced Sadhaks, Yogis and Sadhus, others should stay away.

This site will not take responsibility for any mishaps if any lay-person performs the fire experiments mentioned in this article.


  1. sir you are awesome....i request you to please upload more shabar mantras...and upload magical mantras also.....


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