Predicting Future of Woman From Feet

In this post, I have described how to predict the future in women by studying their feet. These interpretations are based upon a rare and ancient Indian Work in the Sanskrit language, which foretells the future of women from the structure of their feet. This unique Indian astrological science of predicting the future from the feet is known as the Stri Pad Lakshana.

If the soles of the feet of a woman are soft and resemble the Hibiscus [Gurhal Flowers] and if the woman is well endowed with a good shape and figure, she becomes the darling of the king and is placed above the law. A king in these times means a very powerful person like a politician or business magnate.

Hindu Science of Predicting Future of Woman From Feet

A woman having the symbols resembling a lotus flower, conch shell, chariot, flag, chakra, small or large fish, aero plane or stars on her feet becomes prosperous and leads a regal life.

If the feet of a woman are spread are widespread like a winnowing fan, colorless, rough, hard and dry then these are inauspicious and not good signs.

If the thumbs of the feet of a woman are round and straight, then she leads a happy and contended life. If the nails of the thumb are shaped like a winnowing fan then she experiences sadness in life.

If the little or the fifth toes of the feet of a woman do not touch the ground while walking, then she is destined to finish off her husband and becomes physically involved with other men.

If one of the toes of the feet of a woman climbs over another toe [overlapping toes] then such a woman finishes off many husbands and becomes a prostitute.

If while walking a woman the feet of a woman always throw up dust from the ground then this woman has an immoral character and is the cause of the downfall of the families her husband, mother and father.

If the middle and fourth toes of a woman do not touch the ground while walking and if one of these toes is taller on both the feet then this woman destroys three husbands and become a loose and immoral character.

If the nails of the feet of a woman are soft, shapely and having reddish shade then this woman enjoys all the necessary comforts of life.

If the feet of a women are weak and lifeless then she lives in poverty, if the toes have excess hair on then then she becomes a Dasi[ multipurpose woman servant], if the feet have excess view the woman has a wandering nature.


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