Bhimrupi Maruti Stotra Sadhana

The Bhimrupi Maruti Stotra, originally composed by the great Saint Swami Ramdas. is probably one of the most powerful of the Hanuman Stotras for getting courage, strength and performing unbelievable feats.  The effectiveness of the Bhimrupi Maruti Stotra can be ascertained by the fact that Swami Ramdas was the Spiritual Guru and Guide of Shivaji Maharaj who was responsible for the demise of the great Moghul Empire.

The Bheemrupi Maruti Stotra is also extremely effective as a Sankat Nashan Stotra and apart from giving security from diseases,  dangers, accidents and enemies it is helpful in eradicating all kinds of ghostly, demonic and inharmonious mystic beings.

The Bheemrupi Maruti Stotra is extremely beneficial in giving material benefits, including those relating to increase in progeny and cattle.

The Bheemrupi Maruti Stotra is chanted daily by Millions of devotees of Hanuman, especially in the State of Maharashtra, it was published years back on this site and can be seen here – Bheemrupi Maruti Stotra

For those people who want to perform the specific Sadhana of the Bheemroopi Maruti Stotra, I have given a few pointers below-

1. the best and most auspicious Tith for commencing this Sadhana is the Chaitra Shuddha Pratipada, commonly refereed to as Gudi Padwa or the Hindu New Year.
2. get up early on this day have a bath, wear clean clothes, keep photos or Murtis of Hanuman and Shri Ram in front of you on a red colored cloth,
3. Then,  with devotion perform Panchopachara of both the deities and offer a garland of scented flowers or Madar Ke Phool to the photo or idol of Hanuman.
4. Then recite the Ram Raksha Stotra once and chant Ram Naan 108 times.
5. Then take a Sankalp that you are going to recite the Bheemrupi Maruti Stotra 11 times daily for 121 days.
6. Sit facing the East before the photo or Murti of Hanuman and start reciting the Stotra.

Those People who do not wish to perform this specific Stotra Sadhana, can commence reciting the Bheemrupi Maruti Stotra [twice a day] on a Tuesday in the morning and evening by sitting facing the East Direction before a Murti or photo of Hanuman.


  1. Can girls recite this mantra twice? If we recite it only twice do we have to recite the ram raksha stotra and ram naam 108 times before as well? Thank you for your continuous work.

  2. Can ladies recite this twice on a Tuesday? any other specific rules to follow when reciting twice? thanks

  3. Reply to both the above, there might be divergent views on this matter based upon the writings of some text or Guru-Kul Parampara, but in my opinion there is no bar for women in doing this Sadhana, except during the course of the Monthly Cycle.

  4. Dear Neel Sir and Ashok Sir,
    This Bheemroopi Stotra sadhana is for what purpose?Is it for obtaining complete Physical Strength and Courage?To make the body strong as iron?

  5. Dear Neel sir,

    I am looking for Lord Sharbheshwar sadhana. if you know about this God sadhana please share it.

  6. समर्थ श्रीरामदास स्वामी ने सम्पूर्ण भारतवर्ष की पदयात्रा की थी .अपने इस बारह वर्ष की पदयात्रा में उन्होंने स्थान स्थान पर श्रीरामजी तथा श्रीहनुमानजी के मंदिरों की स्थापना की .
    इस तरह विधर्मी शासन से पीड़ित और निराश हिन्दू जनता को श्रीहनुमानजी की उपासना में लगाकर उनमे शौर्य सम्पादन की भूमिका प्रशस्त की .महाराष्ट्र के सतारा जिले में उनके द्वारा स्थापित एकादश हनुमान मंदिर प्रसिद्द हैं .उनके द्वारा रचित मारुती स्तोत्र साधक की शत्रु से रक्षा ,संकट नाश ,विघ्न निवारण और शरीर में स्फूर्ति संचारण में सहायक है .


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