Simple Indian Voodoo Exorcism Ritual

In this post, I have described the method of performing a Simple Indian Voodoo Exorcism Ritual, to remove and eradicate evil-spirits, evil-eye and any other harmful unseen energies from the body and aura of a person believed to be possessed by such mystic entities.  This simple traditional Indian paranormal remedy is normally practiced by village Tantriks or local Spell-Casters to free a possessed person from spirits.

I have called this remedy simple because it is a one time standalone exorcism ritual, which is performed using commonly found ingredients and does not involve the need for any kind of Tantra or the chanting of any Mantra-Stotra or Prayer.

The procedure of performing the Exorcism Rite is as follows:
Take some Sarson Ka Tel[Mustard] Oil in a small utensil and heat it on fire and put a small piece of leather[Chamda] into the oil.

Then,  when the Mustard Oil starts boiling and smoke starts emitting from it, add a Nimboo[Lime], a small piece of Turti[Alum], 3 Simple and Plain Black Glass Bangles and a Keel[Nail] it the hot oil.

Then do an Utara [simple exorcism rite] of the possessed person by rotating the utensil over his body from head to toe, 7 times in all.

Finally, dig a hole in the ground and bury the utensil along with all its contents in the ground and after that, hammer a nail, over the spot where you have buried the utensil.

This completes this simple Voodoo Exorcism ritual to remove negative, regressive and harmful energies from his or her aura and it surroundings.


  1. Neel sir You are Great, though I don't need this article.

  2. respected sir,
    thankyou for sharing.
    1- I easily effected by nazar dosh again and again,what should i do.
    thank you

  3. Namaskar Sir, i am suffering from a prolonged disease so plz give me some mantra or method to get rid of this....

  4. Ishan llb, try it
    Buri Nazar Yantra to Protect Children-Prophet666. otherthan children's can use it for clarification from my point read it's comments.

  5. Aman Sharma do this sadhana,
    Mantra to Make Body as Powerful as Vajra Astra-Prophet666, it'll cure your prolonged disease's.

  6. which nail used to hammer means which boiled in oil or new one thanks

  7. Neel sir I am not able to understand few words and ingredients chamdi means skin of any chicken we can put in it and wat is this utensil tutti plz tell this and if possible out their pics it will be helpful sir and can we do for ourself and is it work for people who r suffering with evil djinns sent by any black magician in bandish with the help of kala ilm and sifli ilm plz reply sir and black bangels r 3 full or pieces and on wat watday we have to do wat time and if possible ptell me about the nail we have to take another nail or we have to take that nail only plz reply sir waiting for ur reply


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