5 Simple Traditional Indian Healing Remedies

In this post, I have described the easy method of performing 5 simple home remedies for getting relief from some common aliments and diseases. All these remedies are part of the huge treasure house of traditional Indian healing remedies.

1. Touching the body of a sick person with a piece of cloth, which has been freshly washed by a Dhobi [washerman] is said to give relief to the sick person.

2. Suddenly sprinkling water on the face of a person suffering from uncontrollable hiccups is said to stop the hiccups and give relief to the sufferer.

3. Another traditional Indian healing remedy to treat hiccups is to crush 4 small green cardamons [Hari Ealichi] along with their skin and boil them in 250 grams of drinking water. When the water evaporates to about half the original quantity, it is removed from the flame and filtered using a fine cloth or strainer and given to the person suffering from hiccups to drink. The sufferer is them made to lie on the bed with the face facing down.

4. A traditional Indian healing remedy to treat rickets [Sukha Rog in Hindi], is to weave 21 Nutmegs[ Jaiphal in Hindi], in a silk thread and tie it around the neck or arm of the child like a healing talisman.

5. A traditional Indian healing talisman to stop loose motions and dysentery is prepared by wrapping seven pieces of the root of the Catharanthus roseus plant [Sadaphuli in Hindi and Madagascar periwinkle in common English] in a piece of red cloth and tying it like a talisman around the waist of the sufferer.


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