Indian Exorcism Ritual for Demonic Dreams

An Indian Exorcism Rite, which is practiced by certain Voodoo/Witchcraft Doctors in India to cure a person who has recurring dreadful and frightening dreams of skulls, bones, black colored ghostly shaped beings and animals, demons and other fearsome and harmful paranormal and demonic entities.

This Exorcism Ritual is performed on the day of a Amavasya [New Moon] or during the period of any harmful or inauspicious Tithi, Nakshatra or Yoga, including the Mrityu Yoga, according to the Hindu Calendar.

The Tantrik/Practitioner/Healer normally performs the Exorcism-Ritual by following the steps listed below.
1] The practitioner takes 1 Banana leaf and keeps 3 rounded mounds of Cooked Rice [approximately 3 portions of a Katora of Cooked Rice] on the Banana leaf and places a Turmeric Stick[Haldi Stick] on all the 3 mounds of Rice.

2] He then places the items listed below on the Banana leaf.
1 Cowri[seashell]
7 Black Peppercorns
7 Clove Sticks
7 Small Black Colored Stones
1 Raw Egg of Hen with a small hole at the top. The practitioner draws three horizontal lines on the Egg with Kajal[Khol]
7 different varieties of Pulses [small quantities]
3 Bibwa Seeds [botonical name – Semecarpus anacardium]
1 Doll prepared from Atta [Wheat Dough]
5 different varieties of Flowers[crushed]

3] The practitioner then lights a couple of Agarbatti/Incense Sticks in front of the Banana leaf and performs an Utara of the afflicted person. Utara is a simple Exorcism Ritual, in which an item/ingredient is rotated from head to toe over the body of a person who is believed to be possessed by a demonic entity..

Finally, after the Utara, the Banana leaf is immersed in a body of flowing water.

Note- There are no Mantras or any other kind of Spells required for practicing this Exorcism Ritual, which is called in the Hindi language as Bure Sapne Dur Karne Ka Upay.


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